Are you looking for a great new way to advertise your business? If you take part in a lot of online presentations, you should know about custom virtual backdrops. These are a handy way to establish your business identity. They are very useful in helping to promote your brand, and give you an air of professionalism.

What Are Virtual Backdrops?

Digital backdrops are a special feature that is designed to allow you to hide the fact that you are talking from your office or your bedroom. Let's face it, since you can attend a meeting from anywhere, convenience is key. This means you may prefer to speak in front of a backdrop that conceals your surroundings.

Thanks to the new line of digital backdrops, you now have access to a consistent and very professional look. This not only enhances your personal privacy but also gives you a higher level of credibility. Even if you are on a shoestring budget and operating out of your garage, you can look like a CEO.

You can choose from all manner of professional custom digital backdrops. These will work perfectly for digital presentations. You can also use them for meetings that take place on Skype or Zoom. The background can be a company logo or anything else you choose.

How can Virtual Backdrops Generate Business?

There are a number of ways that using a custom Zoom backdrop or other types of custom digital backdrops can help your business. The most obvious is that they provide you with better name recognition. This is all the more true if you choose a backdrop that features your company logo. Repetition helps brand you.

You can also make use of digital backdrops to create a unique personal look and feel. There is no reason why you can't highlight a family photo on Mother's Day or a festive shamrock theme on St. Patrick's Day. By choosing an appropriate image, you can signify your participation in an event shared by millions.

While it is easy to get Free Digital Backdrops, get the upper hand by having your own Personalized Digital Backdrop that suit your brand or company. These digital backgrounds can be used for more than just conference calls as the design is up to you. So if you are a student, teacher, or digital creator with an idea, our designers will work with you on getting the right design custom tailored to you. Our professional designers are here to help you personalize it the way you want it. Having an eye-catching background is vital to grabbing the viewer’s attention and expressing your personality or brand beyond what a basic background would do.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Backdrop

You will need to choose the right Aspect Ratio for your virtual backdrops. The formula for doing so means matching the ratio of the width and height of your image to the screen. This ratio will depend on the setup and device that you are using. Lush Banner can help you choose a design that will match this ratio.

Most devices will use one of the following ratios:


16:9 is the most commonly used ratio. This is the standard for Full HD (1080p) and UHD 4K resolutions. Most, if not all, of the computer monitors, laptops and TV's you come across will require this aspect ratio.


16:10 is a ratio that is commonly used in displays that are geared toward the illustration of productivity. Most workstation setups will use 16:10 because of its increased vertical real estate capacity. This makes it an ideal selection for workflow displays.


4:3 is a ratio that is used for the purposes of portable devices. These can include iPads, tablets, Smartphones, and the like. This ratio is perfect for these devices since they contain readily accessible conferencing apps. It can frame people in a way that fills out their face while eliminating empty space.


3:2 is a ratio that has become very popular for the purposes of digital cameras. Many of these cameras will feature 3:2 as their default setting. If you plan to use a digital camera as your capture device, make sure your background is pre-designed in this ratio.

How to Use Your Custom Backdrop

Creating digital backdrops is not a complex process. However, the exact method that you use will differ according to the device you are using to create it. For this reason, a separate set of brief tutorials are required to give you the best opportunity.

The process for creating custom digital backdrops for each of the most popular venues can be described in the following manner:

How to Create a Custom Skype Background

The process for using a custom Skype background is relatively simple. First, click your profile picture. Next, click Settings and then Audio & Video. Under the section marked "Choose Background Effect", you can choose a previous image or add a new image to customize your background.

How to Create a Custom Zoom Backdrop

The process for creating a custom Zoom background is a bit more complex. You first need to sign into the Zoom web portal. You need to do so as an admin with permission to edit account settings.

In the initial navigation menu, click on Account Management and then Account Settings. This will bring up the Meeting tab. You can navigate to the Virtual Background option. You will find it under the In Meeting (Advanced) section.

Verify that this setting is enabled. If it isn't, click the toggle to enable it. If you get a verification dialog, choose Turn On to verify the change.

Create a Background for FaceTime/Video Chats

Launch your FaceTime app and initiate a video call. You can then open the Control Center by giving the screen a diagonal swipe downward from the top right corner of the screen.

Next, tap the Video Effects button and then the Portrait button. Choose the image you wish to feature. Finish up by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to dismiss the Control Center. You can then return to your call.