Custom feather flags serve as a great marketing tool to bring attention to your business or event. An attractive design coupled with great placement can gain the attention of not only your existing clientele but new passersby. Let’s explore a few pointers to maximize the design of your next Feather Banner.

1. What size feather banner works best for your location? Custom Feather Flags and Banners range in heights of 6.5’ to 17’. This means that you have various options to choose from to showcase your branding. Once that choice has been made the next is to decide if this will be a single- or double-sided feather flag. This will determine how much information is needed on either side (if double-sided) and what information is essential (if single-sided).

2. Which graphic best compliments the idea you want to get across? This is where you pinpoint the aim of the design. Possible ideas include:
  • Logo and Company Name
  • Current Promotions: “Now Open”, “Sale”, “Open House”, etc.
  • Event information: “Start here”, “Event times and dates”, etc.
  • Seasonal Graphic designs: “Happy Thanksgiving”, “Happy Holidays”, “Happy 4th of July”
3. The next step is to consider colors for your feather banner artwork. It can be tempting to stick to black and white as a basic tool, but black and white are not going to catch the customer's eye. On the other hand, when you design feather banner flags that make use of full graphic colors the designs will reach out to pedestrians and people driving by. The more creative you get the more the custom feather flags are going to stand out. Plus, if you chose bold colors it will be hard for people to miss the banner!

4. The last thing to consider is the direction of the text on each side of the custom feather banner. To maximize the number of people that see your banner you want to design feather banners that can easily be seen in both directions. Using a design template to guide the layout makes this process much easier. A single-sided feather banner will be either right or left facing. The direction in which you receive the most traffic will determine which you will choose.

If you have traffic coming from both sides, then the double-sided feather flag would be the best option where the artwork can be easily read on either side.