Why Custom Marketing Patio Umbrellas Are Better Than Traditional Ones

How often have you had to duck into a patio restaurant to get out of the rain? If you weren't carrying your own umbrella to deal with a sudden shower, this is the best alternative. One thing you may have noticed is how convenient and light the custom umbrella used by the restaurant was as compared to others.

There is a reason why the new generation of custom patio umbrellas are quickly becoming the accepted standard for cafe umbrellas. The umbrella for your custom patio needs to be lightweight, fully wind and water resistant, and branded with the name of your restaurant. It also needs to be covered by a full warranty.

All of these are qualifications shared by the new generation of printed patio umbrellas. They are resistant to UV rays so that the logo won't fade off in a few short hours or days. They are waterproof so that they won't fill up with water and drop to the ground. They are superior to the old models in every way.

How to Choose the Right Size Umbrella for Your Business

One of the most important things to keep in mind as you set up your outdoor business will be to choose the right printed patio umbrellas. You need to be sure that you are giving your customers a comfortable experience. The custom umbrellas that you choose will go a long way toward guaranteeing this.

Choosing outdoor umbrellas for your custom patio doesn't need to become a totally exhausting experience. On the contrary, this is an issue that you can take care of right away. The key to solving the issue is to make sure that your brand new water resistant commercial umbrella is the right size and shape.

In general, market umbrellas should be 5 feet larger than the area that they are meant to shade. For example, an umbrella that is 6 feet in extent will easily cover a patio table that is 30 inches in diameter. This will keep the table cool and shady while still letting in plenty of sunlight for people's convenience.

The Benefits of Marketing with a Custom Patio Umbrella

There are a number of very important benefits that can come with the use of new commercial umbrella models. The most obvious one will be a level of comforting shade that keeps customers cool and relaxed even on the hottest and brightest days. This will help you to retain your customers for longer periods of time.

You should also keep in mind that custom market umbrellas are an excellent means to advertise your cafe or restaurant. You can create a bright, bold logo for your place that is emblazoned in big, highly legible letters on the side of the umbrella. This lets everyone approaching the area know what you have to offer.

It can also be noted that the new line of outdoor umbrellas are more affordable. They are being made of higher quality materials for a fraction of the price that they used to demand. They are also being made to order under better and more efficient conditions. These new umbrellas are long lasting and very effective.

These exciting new printed patio umbrellas are excellent for enhancing the decor of your restaurant or cafe. They will give your outdoor patio a bright and cheerful look. The goal here is to provide a great display to catch the eye of people walking by and draw them inside to see what they have been missing.

Finally, there is the fact the new line of patio umbrellas has been specially designed to make the optimum use of outdoor space. They have been sized exactly right to fit the extent of your patio and each of your tables. You can work with your provider to make sure that no bit of space in your cafe area goes to waste.

What Are the Different Styles and Materials Available?

There are many different styles and materials of custom outdoor umbrellas available on the market for you to choose from. These include water resistant patio models, golf umbrellas, specially designed fashion umbrellas, umbrellas for kids, and even mini umbrellas.

The materials used for these custom patio commercial umbrella designs will vary according to the model. The modern line of cafe umbrellas will usually be made of fiberglass or aluminum. These are materials that are designed to be resistant to wind, water, and UV rays. Check our online store for all the latest details.

Where Can You Buy a Custom Umbrella Online?

The best place for you to get a great deal on custom market umbrellas is right here at our online store. You can fully customize your umbrella before you order it. We offer you the best and most diverse range of shapes, sizes, colors, and other specs. Once you are ready to order, you'll find we offer the best prices.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Umbrella

The main thing that you need to do to keep your patio umbrella looking healthy is to keep water off of it. These umbrellas are certainly designed to stand up to water damage but they need a bit of a helping hand from time to time. Drain out the water after a rainstorm and never let it build up in the corners.

Your patio umbrella may tend to pick up a bit of dust or other debris. If this occurs, you can use mild soap or water to gently lift the dust up. You don't want to use hot water or a scratchy brush because this can also scrape your logo off the umbrella.

You should also make sure to wash the frame from time to time. This will keep it from getting rusty, waterlogged, or choked up with debris. Give it a gentle scrub to keep it standing upright and holding your umbrella in place.

If you know that a violent wind, rain, or snow storm is coming up soon, get your umbrellas inside. Store them in a safe place so that you can keep your investment safe from weather damage. This is a must if you live in areas prone to regular storms.