Vinyl Banners - Installation and Care
Raising a vinyl banner is one of the best ways to display branded signage and messages for many small business owners and event coordinators. They can be used to communicate important messages like seasonal sales and promotions. They can point customers to an event or get their attention on a specific booth.

Before we get into the installation and care of a vinyl banner, let's discuss seven solid reasons why it's a good idea to choose vinyl banners for your event or business.

1. Vinyl Banners Are Durable

Custom vinyl banners are known for being weather-resistant and durable. They resist damage from the sun and water, which makes them the ideal option for advertising outdoors.

You can count on outdoor vinyl banners to persevere through snow, rain and the summer sun without needing replacement. In fact, they're so durable that they can last for years. You'll be able to use vinyl banners without many trips back for vinyl banner printing.

An investment is a vinyl banner will decrease your marketing costs and improve the bottom line.

2. They're Colorful

Simply stated, signage that's color- and design-rich attracts customers to your business. The best large vinyl banners are eye-catching and beautiful. They're digitally printed to present a bold design to your company.

High-resolution vinyl banners will have crystal clear graphics and a glossy finish. And you don't need to be a design expert to create an appealing vinyl banner design. If it's above your pay grade, you can hire a design freelancer that can design you something great in less than a day.

3. You Can Get Them Quickly

If you're in need of custom vinyl banners and you're under a tight deadline, it's typically no problem. One of the benefits of using vinyl banners is that you can get what you need in short turnaround times.

In some cases, you can get delivery from your printer within 24 hours.

4. Easy to Customize

For the vast majority of marketers, one size never fits all. You need something that's customized if you want your business or event to stand out.

With a customized vinyl banner, you're in complete control of the size, style, design and colors of the banner. You can also decide the type of vinyl to use for your banner, it's color and gloss options.

5. They're an Inexpensive Marketing Technique

Vinyl banners are popular for so many event coordinators and small business owners because they're so incredibly cost-effective.

If you're like any other business owner, managing your marketing budget is a high priority. Because vinyl banners are made of such high-quality, long-lasting materials, you can use them repeatedly for many years.

If you can take advantage of this buy pre-planning and ordering vinyl banners in bulk, you'll be able to save even more money.

6. They Keep You Concise

Effective marketing communicates value, branding and action-taking into a short, concise message that's easy for consumers to digest. Wordy marketing messages can lose the reader's attention by overwhelming them with too many details.

Vinyl banners give a business owner the opportunity to reach new customers with a short, concise message on a custom banner that includes an immediate call-to-action.

7. They Drive More Foot Traffic

Using vinyl banners can help owners of small businesses achieve sales goals. As an example, if your goal is to increase the number of sales your business gets from foot traffic, a catchy vinyl banner can get it done.

A well-placed banner will get the attention of pedestrians, drivers and other passers-by. Use it to direct them into your business.

Installation and Care of Your Vinyl Banners

What follows are the proper instructions to help you get your vinyl banner installed, as well as cleaned and stored when not in use. If you don't pay close attention to these details, you might shorten the lifespan of your banner.

Installation Instructions

The most common places to install a vinyl banner are on a wall or a dedicated pole.

To install on your wall, first you need to determine what material the wall is constructed from. This will help inform your decision on what kind of fastener you're going to use. Talk to someone at the hardware store if you're unsure what the best fasteners are for metal, concrete, brick, wood or plaster.

The first method of wall installation is done by attaching the banner directly through its grommets using a screw or a bolt and a washer that's big enough to completely cover the grommet hole.

When using this method, it's important that you keep the vinyl banner as tight as possible to prevent permanent wrinkles in the vinyl.

The second method for hanging on a wall involves placing the fasteners diagonally in the wall in way that is larger than the banner. Then attach a bungee cord from the grommets in the corner of the banner to the fastener.

When you use this method, it helps keep your banner as taught as possible while preventing any wrinkles from forming.

For a pole installation, smaller banners that are 4' x 8' or smaller can be installed with a T post. You can get these at most farm supply stores.

Space the posts outside the width of the banner and use bungee cords to install it. The bungee cords will again help keep the banner from developing any wrinkles. The cords also take stress off of the grommets in your banner when the weather gets windy. If you don't use bungee cords, your vinyl banner could easily be damaged by the wind.

Banners that are larger than 4' x 8' will need more than just two posts for support. In fact, for banners that are taller than four feet in height, consider using a nylon cord to lace through the grommets on top of your banner. Then attach your bungee cords individually at each of the corners.

This technique better distributes the banner's weight across its top and prevents potential grommet damage.

Remember that the larger your banner is, the more it can be damaged in windy conditions. Think about cutting diameter flaps that are 3" - 4" in diameter every couple of square feet. This helps prevent stress from high winds.

This is the best way to hang vinyl banners.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Banner

Quality vinyl banners are constructed of durable woven vinyl material. All graphics and lettering are also vinyl.

Because of this, your vinyl banner should only be cleaned with mild soap and water. Always avoid any cleaners that are solvent-based. If you need to, feel free to use a soft brush to better clean your banner.

To prevent mold, it's important to always let your banner dry out completely before you store it.

Storing Your Banners

When you're looking at how to store vinyl banners, make sure they're rolled up loosely with all graphics and lettering facing out. Avoid folding or allowing your banners to get creased.

Store them in an upright position in a cool and dry environment.

It's Time For a New Vinyl Banner

Now you know why vinyl banners are such a powerful marketing tool, and how you can properly install and care for them. There's only one step left to take. Start marketing with vinyl banners today.