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Written By Andrea Gibbs | Marketing & Autmation Lead + Graphic Designer
Fact Checked By Viona Zhong | Founder + Managaing Director

LED Displays and the Future of Trade Show Exhibitor Spaces

In the world of unique trade show displays, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas used to set the most trends in terms of booth innovation. In recent years, however, the Comic Con expo in San Diego and the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona have been the trendsetters beginning to define the future of trade show displays. At WMC 2023, attendees were dazzled not only by upcoming smartphone technology but also the video walls, interactive displays, glowing graphics, and fully interactive features of the booths set up by Apple, Google, Nokia, Samsung, and a few other tech giants. 

Judging by the WMC 2023 exhibitor stands, modular design, video walls, LEDs, and programmable trade show displays are here to stay. Expo attendees are reacting positively to details such as the backlit fabric banners illuminated by LED technology; they also like the new modular trade show displays that break up the monotony of rectangular booths. The Alcatel and Movistar stands at WMC 2023, which are being praised for providing a cozy ambiance similar to a stylish lounge, were essentially modular LED panels arranged around a few pieces of designer furniture. 

At Lush Banners, we are welcoming the future of trade show displays with innovations such as LED backlit panels, modular lightboxes, video walls, modular solutions, and other products to make exhibit spaces modern, interactive, flexible, vibrant, and snazzy. 

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Custom Modular Displays

While the floor plan of the WMC 2023 did not change during the expo, some exhibitors changed the look of their stands daily thanks to the modular structure of their stands. Modular design allows different pieces of a trade show booth to be easily added, removed, or moved around to suit the size of an exhibit space. When modular displays are properly designed, arranged and set up, they create flexible and adaptable trade show solutions for exhibitors.

 LED displays are some of the style elements found in modern modular displays. An LED backlit display, for example, can stand as tall as 10 feet or low enough to be part of a tabletop display. At Lush Banners, LED displays can be configured and tailored to specific needs; if you choose a modular lightbox display, for example, you can start with a panel and later add counters, additional walls, and racks in case you secure spaces at larger trade shows.

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Eye-Catching Graphics With LED Technology

LED displays offer glowing graphics that can really get the attention of trade show visitors; they provide our clients with the ability to create a range of lighting effects for unique displays. LED panels are powered by circuitry strips that can enhance dynamic visuals for trade shows without the hassle and cost of wiring overhead. 

 Let's say a client is an apparel designer whose new line draws inspiration from the architectural and visual style of Miami Beach; in this case, an LED neon strip or bar can be designed at a cost that is far more reasonable than glass neon sign. LED technology also allows us to design large format displays such as entire video walls that can really carry highlight branding messages.

Programmable and Interactive Features

Once you start getting into more advanced LED displays, your trade show spaces can go from looking modern to being futuristic. Video walls and specialty displays such as our LED Touchscreen Smart Table QQB can make your exhibitor space more dynamic and engaging through the use of interactive features. These are the main benefits of LED displays, but something else that makes them attractive is that they do not demand as much electric power; in fact, many of them can run on batteries and do not need too much in the way of wiring to set up. 

Establishing meaningful interactions with visitors is a highly desirable goal among exhibitors. Setting up and configuring video walls and touchscreens, which are often powered by system-on-chip Android devices, can go a long way in terms of showcasing products or services, sharing information, or entertaining attendees. 

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Custom Printed Teardrop Flags

The Future of Trade Show Displays

Events such as WMC, CES, and Comic Con are no longer the only ones featuring modular displays, LED technology, and interactive features that can be easily programmed and configured by exhibitors. These advanced displays are becoming increasingly popular in the trade show circuit, and they are clearly the future in terms of how exhibitors and visitors will interact at events from this point on. 

Modular technology enables the ability to rapidly create and update displays on-the-fly. LED displays are effective in promoting exhibitor brands while also helping visitors find the information they need. Since advanced LED displays such as video walls and touchscreens can be customized and programmed, there is no limit to how they can be used to help make the entire event special, particularly when they deliver digital information right into the hands of visitors.

With the ability to create a seamless integration, modular displays can be used to connect to different systems; this allows you to have the displays look, act, and function in various ways. It is important to keep in mind that LED technology is inherently lightweight; the same can be said about the materials used to manufacture the modular elements of trade show booths. In other words, transporting, storing, setting up, and adjusting modular trade show displays has become easier than ever.

The entire modular concept is also a very efficient way to deliver your message to a diverse audience. Most modular systems can be updated during the event and the touchscreen software can be tweaked to deliver the right message to the right audience. For example, the WMC 2023 in Barcelona, the Samsung booths changed their appearance and digital content offered when the attendance shifted towards younger visitors.

Learn More About LED and Modular Displays for Trade Show Exhibitors

Business owners who do not implement LED and interactive technology into their trade show displays run the risk of falling behind the competitive curve. Some of our clients get started with a custom LED light box stand to see how it fits into their assigned exhibitor spaces; from this point on, they start thinking about modular displays and more interactive features. Should you have questions about our trade show and signage solutions, please contact us today.