Why Are Teardrop Banners Popular?


A teardrop banner is a versatile piece of signage known by different names. In England, for example, a flag banner is a teardrop sign that is also called a feather flag. In essence, teardrop feather flags are free standing banners with unique shapes that resemble an upside-down drop of water or even an old-fashioned writing quill made with an ostrich feather. These signs have become quite popular in recent years, and there are four major reasons you should consider them as a signage solution for your business:

The Unique Shape of Teardrop Flags

It is important to note that teardrop signage emerged from the flag and feather banners that have been around since the 1970s. The principle of kite-inspired banner design has been widely adopted; quite a few municipalities around the world use such signs for informational and aesthetic purposes, but these have mostly featured rectangular shapes, which is why they are called flag banners.

Feather banners are streamlined versions of their flag counterparts, and they are shaped with a touch of curvature for the purpose of making them more noticeable. The teardrop shape was first adopted a couple of decades ago, and it has proven to be quite popular. Modern banner design is intended to grab attention, and it does so by giving designers more space to work with; moreover, the inverted water drop shape calls for graphics, text, and logos to be printed at an angle that the human eye is naturally attracted to.

Teardrop Banners Size Chart

Custom Teardrop Flags Provide More Design Space

Whereas feather flag banners tend to be inherently narrow, this is not the case with teardrop signs. The top of a teardrop banner is its largest section, and this is where business owners and brand promoters can fit more information, which may include illustrations, logos, messages, photos, or graphics. This feature of teardrop signage cannot be ignored because the shape of the banner encourages viewers to direct their attention to the oval section on top.

You always want to highlight your design when setting up banners for your business, and this explains why more companies are choosing teardrop signs. The design can be printed on one or both sides of the banner, and Lush Banners offers various printing methods to make signs brighter and more visible.

When you order teardrop banners from us, we include a free carrying bag plus a rotating base for the sign. The ability to rotate teardrop signs complements the extra space you get for design; you can turn the pole so that the banner faces in specific directions, and a sign placed outside will turn in the direction of the wind for greater visibility.

Custom Printed Teardrop Flags

Custom Printed Double-Sided Teardrop Banners

Standing Out From the Crowd With Teardrop Banners

If you choose teardrop signs today, you will be among the 10% of business owners who currently prefer them to feather and rectangular flags. At Lush Banners, we have seen a sharp increase in clients who opt for custom teardrop design, although most are still using traditional feather flags. What this means for you as a potential user of teardrop signage is that you will have an opportunity to stand out in a sea of feather flags.

There will not always be a lower percentage of clients using custom teardrop banners. We are expecting greater interest as store traffic increases in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, so now is a good time to display these signs before they become ubiquitous. From what we have seen, teardrop signs are more of a conversation starter, which is always a great selling point if you want to promote your services in a targeted manner.

Custom Printed Flag Banners

If you are a local business owner or a customer-oriented brand manager, you should not forget to include teardrops in your promotion campaigns. This can be an effective way to tell prospective customers “we are here” while keeping the message interesting.

Teardrop signs are quite portable, so they can be used in different locations. You can place a set on a pole, table, or wall, and they can even be hung in tents and other outdoor enclosures.

Choosing the Right Teardrop Banner Size

 Lush Banners offers teardrop signs in five sizes adequate for various settings and situations:

6ft Teardrop Banners
6ft Teardrop Banners

Our 6ft teardrop banners are the smallest teardrop shape, and they are often seen indoors or even on top of tables. We tend to see clients choosing this size in order to add some style to trade show booths. We are also seeing these smaller banners at job fairs & business conferences.

7ft Teardrop Banners
7ft Teardrop Banners

7ft banners are usually in greater demand; they are small enough to not be considered obstructive, but they are also large enough for outdoor placement. Some clients who are retail store owners keep teardrop banners of this size to promote discounts and special sales.

8ft Teardrop Banners
8ft Teardrop Banners

8ft teardrops provide more visibility, which is why they are more likely to be used in outdoor settings, but you can still set them up inside as long as there is enough vertical clearance. These signs can be seen at supermarkets, shopping malls, sporting events and trade shows.

11ft Teardrop Banners
11ft Teardrop Banners

11ft banners are great for outdoor use, especially if you want to get an edge over competitors who typically set up smaller feather flags. An advantage of these banners is that they provide plenty of additional design space for greater visibility. At conventions and other gatherings in large spaces, teardrop banners are beginning to replace feather flags.

14ft Teardrop Banners
14ft Teardrop Banners

Our 14ft banners are almost always used for outdoor display campaigns. Car dealerships are one of the places where you can find these banners, but they are also being installed at music festivals, farmer's markets, and other outdoor settings where you can expect heavy foot traffic. These banners are far more visible than feather flags of similar measurements.

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At Lush Banners, our customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have about teardrop signs. Our teardrop banner design department will be happy to work with you in order to create the signage solution that is more in line with your promotional needs. Please keep in mind that the fiberglass poles and fabric used to make these signs are lightweight for the convenience of transportation and storage, but they are durable enough to last several years. The high-definition printing methods we use feature UV-resistant inks to prevent graphics from fading under the sun.

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