Holes and Tears in the Canopy

Damage to your custom tent can occur, such as holes and tears in the canopy. It is important to handle these issues as soon as they occur, as they can get worse very quickly resulting in all the canopy fabric needing to be replaced. Damage does not automatically mean that you need to replace the whole area. as if the rip is small enough, you can use a seam sealer which is readily available. This will repair the damage and prevent the tear from getting bigger. If it is a small hole or a large rip in the canopy a patch would be required. Patches, like seam sealers, are readily available and come in a variety of colors so that you can try to blend the repaired area in with the rest of the canopy. If you leave these holes and tears untreated, they can get beyond a simple patch job and require that you replace the whole custom canopy, so it is important that the moment you see the issue, you fix the issue.

Canopies and Weather

The structure of any of your custom tents or canopies are designed to block out the sun, and unfortunately because of the way the structure is designed wind and rain are not a good combination with your canopy or its frame. The frame of the canopy is designed to be stable, yet light enough to be portable, meaning that strong enough winds can flip the tent. The canopy will protect you temporarily from rain, but unfortunately it will catch the rain stretching and damaging the fabric of the canopy. Rain also damages the frame by putting more weight on the frame than it is meant to handle and is a potential cause of rust.

It a personal call when one decides that the portable tent is just not enough shelter with regards to the weather but it can be dangerous and is never recommended that custom canopy be used as shelter during severe weather, which includes rain, wind, and lightening. The custom tents are just not built to properly shelter a person during these conditions and for your own safety it is recommended that in those conditions you head for a permanent shelter. For more regarding severe weather and your personal custom canopy it is best refer to the owner’s manual.


10ft Canopy Design Sample

Custom Canopy Tents



Even in premium sunny conditions stability is important in your custom canopy, due to the canopy or tent needing to be light for easy transportation, you can make your canopy more stable by using weight bags and gravity tubes. Weight bags are used to stabilize the legs of the canopy by attaching the weight to each leg you ensure that the canopy is not easily knocked over. Gravity tubes go in the center of the canopy attaching to the roof where they will hang down, anchoring the custom canopy at the pivot point, to ensure that the wind cannot throw the custom canopy over. The weight bags and gravity tubes are weighted with whatever is readily available to you, so that they can be emptied and stored right alongside your canopy in the storage bag so that they are available when you need them without having to search or worry that they were left behind. Depending on the different models of the custom tents you are looking at the weight bags and gravity tubes can be included or are sold separately. If they are sold separately, they are readily available online and at different retailers.