What size should your big giant flag be? Customized large flags are a symbol of loyalty and the best way to advertise your company effectively. They are highly visible by almost everyone, even with low vision hence making you get to the minds of every person who sees your oversized flag.

There are no limitations in the size of huge flags that you can get from the market. Most of the customized giant flags are provided in detail in this article, and you can fully make your choice basing on your unique needs. The best large custom flags should help you grow and enhance your business, team, or any institution's visibility. It also makes you unique since most of the companies in the same field may not have it.

A Checklist for Getting Into Big Giant Club

There are vital things you need to check before purchasing your flag. The flag is inevitable to help convert leads and increase your bargain in the competition. The flag must therefore be able to help you achieve your goals effectively. Check the following before you buy giant flag:

  • It would be best to choose the size. You can even get 100ft x 100ft flag
  • Ensure you get a flag with a durable material
  • The flag should have full color and stunning to look at
  • Choose between the double and single-spaced flags
  • Check for the perfect finishing options
  • Buy from a top vendor with a warranty
  • Ensure you have the right flag pole for the type of huge flags you have

Choosing the Right Flag Size for Your Flag Pole

It would help to have a flag pole that can hold your flag effectively. Different types and sizes of flags require different types of flag poles. Select by your location and the available flag pole size. It is easier to choose the flag pole that you will need for the particular flag.

It is common practice to fly these largest flags on single poles, and it would be best to customize the flag's length to fit it perfectly. Therefore, your flag should be at a minimum of one quarter about the height of the pole. The flag can also be a bit smaller but should not exceed that height since it would be too big for the same pole.

A practical example is given using a 6'x10' flag on the minimum and a maximum of 8'x12' when you have a 40ft flag pole. These dimensions will offer you the best prions to place your flag effectively.

To size properly, you can follow this expertise guidelines:

  • 8'x12' for 50ft high flag pole
  • 10'x15' for 60ft high flag pole
  • 12'x18' for 70ft high flag pole
  • 15'x25' for 80ft high flag pole

The Common Giant Flags in the Market

There are several oversized flags in the market you need to know and purchase when you want to get your flag's best experience. They are used by top corporations and have highly helped them achieve their business goals. It would be best to get yours immediately. Measurement is important for your big banner project. The overall size of the building or space will be required for us to contact out experts to offer you the best recommendation and ensure your project is a success.

When should I choose Single-Sided Custom Flags

It is the most common and popular flag for most businesses. It is lightweight and flowy, and printing is done on one side only. Most of them have a see-through rate of about 40-70% that will be less or more according to the material of the fabric used to make the flag. The texts cannot be read from the back, but people can view the mirror image on the flag when looking at the flag from the back. Get about 80x100ft single sided flag that weigh more than 100Ibs.

When should I choose Double Sized Custom Flags?

These flags have two layers of fabrics attached back to back and have a block out layer that separates them. It is opaque, and one is not able to see either side from one side. They have three layers of fabric, making it impossible for any see-through effect. You can make your choice to put different images on either side or similar images. It will still work correctly. There are 80x100ft double-sided that weigh around 250 Ibs.

Bigger than life Custom Big Giant Flags!

You can get a giant flag when you want to fly on a helicopter or wrap it around your building. It is available at low prices from leading online flag vendors. These flags bring a whole new experience in the face of your business. There is no limitations for these types of flags, get the 100 x 500ft for a commercial uses.

Free Grommets and Reinforced Strip Custom Flags

It would be best to have these custom flags since they are easier to fasten on the flag pole with the grommets. The reinforcement still helps you to add more strength to the tying on both sides of the flags.


For issues such as buying and selling large flags, top businesses online have years of experience in the trade show and will help you get the best-customized flag as you need it. The range of flags is personalized for anyone, and there are various small outdoor flags to numerous extra-large custom pole flags. You can also choose between the single or double sized flags to make your experience even more unique when you want to buy a giant flag.

Flags are a fantastic option to use in your business. It gives your brand a color that people can admire. It would be best to have an enormous flag and let your customer feel your presence in their midst. There is a heightened perception that people feel when they can associate themselves with successful business who have such new advertising designs. Stay outstanding and compete better with other businesses by using flags. With trends come success, and this trend will change the way people view your products forever. Buy giant flag today without hesitation.