This video will walk you through how to design easy feather flags in just minutes using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Using our templates you can create eye catching flag designs with just a few clicks!

Quick Steps:

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Step 1: Download and save template to computer.

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Step 2: Open in design software

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Step 3: Lock safe line and info layers


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Step 4: Change color and add text and graphics

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Step 5: For double sided, duplicate and flip artwork

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Step 6: Create outlines, embed all images, and save

Detailed Video Transcript:

Visit our feather flag product section, scroll down and choose your size.

You can either choose double or single sided templates.

Download and save this file to a location on your computer or hard drive.

Open this template in a design software of your choice. We are using Adobe Illustrator.

Start by locking your safe line and info layers in the layers panel.

Hide the info layer by clicking the eyeball. Move the artwork layer up one on top of the layout layer.

Select the feather flag shape and change it to a desired color.

Working on the artwork layer add in your text and your graphics.

Make sure to keep all important information inside the red line on the template.

Make sure you create outlines on all your text in your entire design.

For double sided flags, copy your design and position it on the opposite side.
Make sure to adjust accordingly to the safe line.

Finally, hide the safe line layer by clicking the eyeball and save your work for easy upload when placing your order.
If you are using Photoshop, make sure to hide your template layer and save your artwork at 150 dpi minimum.”