Learning to hang a flag from a pole is one of the most important things you will when managing your home or business property. The flag or flags that you hang speak to who you are, what you believe, and add character to the property. You can buy these items on our website when you are ready and can customize any flag you want.

The easy way: Buy ready to go poles set with your flag order

When you want to hang your flags the easy way, you can put a flag to a pole that is already hung in order. When you order with us, we can set up the flags in the right order, and you will raise them the flag pole or slide them onto the pole with ease.

If you are just learning how to hang a flag on a pole, our preset flags are easier to manage. Hang your flags in just a few moments, you will never have a problem hanging your flags. Every time you need a new flag set, you can place a new order.

Easy Grommets

We sell easy grommets that you can use on any flag. Our custom flags allow you to clip them easily to any flag pole. This is especially important if you are new to hanging flags. Our grommets are easy to see, never break, and keep your flags secure without worrying about the flag blowing away.

Hang a flag on a pole with grommets because they are easy to clip, unclip, and adjust. The grommets never rust, and they do not allow the flag to tear even when it is caught in the wind. Large flags are even easier to manage with grommets because their heavyweight is distributed among all the grommets.

Zip Tie Method

zip tie-step1

Step 1: Lace the zip tie through the grommet and secure it to the flag pole

D-Ring and Rope Method (Recommended)

D-ring Step 1

Step 1: Measure the distance between the grommets on your flag and align the same spacing on the pole.

D-ring Step 2

Step 2: Run a loop through the eye of the hook

D-ring Step 3

Step 3: Place the loop over the hook and pull the rope tight.

D-ring Step 4

Step 4: Attach the hooks to the grommets on the flag.

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  • Choice of 15-foot or 10-foot versions
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  • Rotating spikes and nylon bags free with every order
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  • Single or double-sided options
  • Your choice of design, including your company logo, name, etc.
  • Completely customizable banner displays to suit your specific needs
  • Free graphic design service to help you create exactly what you want

Wall bracket for 45-degree hanging

If you do not want to raise a flag every day, you can use a wall bracket that sits at a 45-degree angle. When you shop on our site, you can find the brackets you need. After you have attached a flag to a pole, it hangs perfectly outside your home or business.

After you have attached a flag to a pole, you should remember that multiple flags must be hung in the appropriate order. The American flag should always be viewed from the left, and the other flags will be displayed to the right.

These wall brackets are easy to hang anywhere around the house, and they can be used inside your office or facility if you like. Some brackets allow you to hang your flags at a 90-degree angle so that the flags hang perfectly straight.

Quick Steps:

Wall Bracket Hanging - Step 1

Step 1: Mount bracket to wall

Wall Bracket Hanging - Step 2

Step 2: Slide clips onto pole

Wall Bracket Hanging - Step 3

Step 3: Attach clips to grommets

Wall Bracket Hanging - Step 4

Step 4: Slide pole into the 45 degree mounting slot

Pole pockets with top closed

You can slip pole pockets onto any pole. These pockets keep flag from sliding down the pole. Plus, they are easy to affix to the pole after they have been attached. We have all the supplies you need if you want to hang a flag quickly without grommets.

If you do not know how to hang a flag on a pole, you can start with these simple pole pockets. You may not feel comfortable trying to clip on a flag with grommets or you might only have a simple flag pole to use. Pole pockets are simple and slide over the top of almost any pole.

How to hang two flags on one pole

When you want to hang two flags on a pole, you can use one of our kits that gives you the clips you need for each flag. Attach one flag to the pole or line with your clips, move to the next one, and so on.

Keep in mind that flag etiquette states that the American flag should be on top. You can place your state flag under that, the flag for the city, and any other flags underneath. Following flag etiquette makes a good impression, and the flags look nice when they are displayed properly.

As you hang two flags on a pole, you need to add a little space between each flag. You do not want the flags to sit on top of one another, and you do not want them to get wrapped up in each other. This is especially important if you are hanging seasonal flags under something like the American flag. You want everyone who passes by to see the difference between all your flags.

How to keep a flag from wrapping around the pole

A pole set with a rotating design makes it easy to keep the flag from wrapping around the pole. Open flags can be caught by the wind at any time. Keep flag from wrapping around poles by using something that will turn with the wind. Large flags are especially difficult to unfurl if they get wrapped around the pole, and a simple rotating design solves most of your problems.

When you use these products, you can still attach the flag to the system with your clips and grommets. Consider how much wind you get so that you can choose the right products. Because we have a wide range of options, you will find exactly what you need.

Most people have issues with flags wrapping around the pole because they do not have time to tend to their flags. They know that their flags could get tangled, but they simply do not have time to go fix the flag every day. A rotating system saves you time and energy.

Where to buy flag poles and supplies online

Buy from us today in our online catalog. We have all the supplies you need to keep flag from sliding down pole and to make your flag displays look beautiful. Tie a flag to a pole with our range of supplies, and you can use any custom flags that you like. We have such a large catalog that you will find exactly what you need. Because we have so much experience, it is easy for us to help you make your home or property look wonderful.