Maintaining proper social distancing for your customers should never be an issue. While the Covid-19 pandemic continues, you need to take all of the necessary precautions. One of the best ways to do so is to make use of our new custom patio umbrellas. These new items are perfect for your restaurant or cafe.

Social Distancing is a Must

Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount to any business. Our new line of custom umbrellas reflects both of these needs. These handy new umbrellas are among our most popular and top selling items for a reason. As you will see, this has a lot to do with the current social conditions that are changing the restaurants do business.

It goes without saying that maintaining proper state mandated social distancing measures is an absolute must. You don't want to run the risk of getting shut down and losing valuable business. You also don't want to send the message to your customers that you care more about profits than their safety.

As a result, you will need to get a bit creative. There is no better way to keep your customers properly socially distanced than with a full supply of our new custom market umbrellas. These handy items will make outdoor dinning a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers. And they will also keep them at a properly safe distance apart.

Several Different Shapes and Sizes Are Available

Are you looking for custom patio umbrellas to enhance the outdoor dinning feature of your restaurant or cafe? If so, our custom market umbrellas can easily fit this need. Our umbrellas come in several different shapes and sizes. All models are specially customized to fit your specific needs.

Our line of standard custom umbrellas is a very compact modern design. It comes with a simple but highly effective shape that makes it excellent for an outdoor event. It also works as part of the outdoor setup on your patio.

We also have custom umbrellas with valances. These give your customers protection from sun, rain, and UV rays. These special valances can be customized with your company logo or any message that you wish to convey.

Our new line of custom market umbrellas are designed especially for outdoor events. These custom patio umbrellas are an essential part of your next outdoor promotional campaign. They can successfully brand your business while keeping your audience dry and safe.

High Quality Construction is Guaranteed

When it comes to ordering a new set of market umbrellas, you need to know that you are getting a product of the very highest quality. This much is guaranteed when you order from us. All of our custom umbrellas are made of the best materials available on the market. They have been tested and vetted to ensure a top quality product.

Our umbrellas include a stainless steel center pole and commercial grade aluminum frame. When ordering from us, there is no minimum quantity requirement. You are free to order as few or as many custom umbrellas as you require. This lack of required minimum is one of the qualities that sets us apart from our rivals in the industry.

When ordering our special logo umbrellas, you can rest assured that you will get your money's worth. We ensure that you will receive a product that is designed to do precisely what you have paid for. All of our products are manufactured with the ultimate attention to details, large and small.

Our goal as a custom umbrella provider has always been to guarantee our customers a product of the highest value. We go out of our way to ensure that the logo or other details that you specify will be reproduced to your specification. This includes every detail of your arrangement, down to the very smallest.

Our Low Maintenance Umbrellas Get Top Results

One of the very best reasons to check out our new line of custom umbrellas is the low maintenance they require. You only need a few moments to set them up for use out of doors. Once in place, they will continue to provide great value for very little routine maintenance for a long time to come.

We assure low maintenance for our umbrellas in a number of ways. All of them feature printing on the very best quality outdoor polyester fabric. We also make sure to utilize only the absolute best quality UV proof inks. All you need to do is set up the umbrella in your desired location. Once in place, it will practically maintain itself.

It may be necessary on occasion to retract and store away them during extreme weather conditions. These may include such events as thunderstorms, snow, or hurricanes. Our umbrellas are fully retractable. This will allow you to set them up in any location. It will allow them to be removed to safety in a very few seconds.

A High Return on Your Investment is Guaranteed

One of the very best reasons to consider purchasing one of our new patio umbrellas is to guarantee the highest possible return on your initial investment. As a business owner, you are constantly required to justify spending. You want to be sure that the infrastructure you are setting up is equal to the task.

These handy new umbrellas serve several purposes at once. They advertise your business while also providing shade and comfort to your customers. Meanwhile, they also enable you to keep your patrons at the proper level of social distance for their safety. They are made of the highest quality materials for a price that you can easily afford.

Order Your New Set of Patio Umbrellas Today

Are you ready to enjoy an innovative item that is guaranteed to yield a high rate of customer satisfaction? You can reach this goal by ordering a set of our new custom umbrellas to set up on your patio or other outdoor location. They fulfill a variety of functions for a price that will guarantee you a high return on your investment.

We also offer a full selection of other promotional items that are guaranteed to give your business exposure. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help your business.