1. Affordable

When companies look into different forms of advertising, many people flock to the idea of a large billboard. Most shy away due to the cost of having such a large piece of advertising. This is where Lush Banners can step in and help. We offer a wide range of custom marketing flags to fit any budget. Prices fluctuate depending on size and options that are desired but we are sure that there is always something within your budget. 

2. Easy to assemble

All of our custom marketing flags come with detailed instructions on how to assemble every aspect of the product. This includes proper base mounting/ securing, pole assembly and the correct way to fit the fabric to the hardware. Most product pages include links to videos that have step by step instructions also. Products in this category range from 10-45 lbs. which guarantees that anyone can manage any aspect of the installation process.

3. Light and Portable

If you select to have the full set with your flag order, you’ll be glad to know that all of the hardware will come in a portable and easy to organize carrying bag. This ensures that all of your hardware and graphics will stay organized when not in use or while in transport. Storage space for our flag banners is very small compared to their size. Our large 17ft banners can be disassembled to fit in its carrying case which is only 5ft long. This is one of the benefits of ordering your custom flags through Lush Banners.

4. Small, but Tall

Our flags come in a variety of sizes and shapes with our smallest flags being 6 feet in height. Although they may be the smallest flags we offer, these are great additions to your companies advertising arsenal as they are easily placed around your business. If you’re looking to make a bigger statement, we also offer these products in incremental sizes  all the way up to 17 feet in height. With height increase also comes with an increase in width but you’ll be happy to know these are still easy to place anywhere they are needed.

5. Weather-resistant

With our main office in Texas, we are not strangers to high winds and excessive rainfall. Although we do recommend bringing in flags for severe weather, they are weather-resistant to a degree. Light rain or daily amounts of wind are no issue for our graphics. If your flag is secured via ground spike, having the swivel component above ground will ensure the flag can turn to go with the direction of the wind. This will greatly help in ensuring that your flag does not get damaged with a sudden change in wind.

6. Durable

Every custom marketing flag can be optioned with our full set which includes poles, ground stake and carrying case. Our poles are crafted from fiberglass and have been rated for 5+ years of outdoor use. Our fabric graphics are rated for 1+ years outdoor / 3+ years indoor with proper care and maintenance. Our maintenance recommendation is as follows:


To ensure that you do not do unintentional damage to your flag or components, click here to see our guidelines for avoiding issues!

7. Versatile

Our custom marketing flags can be used in a variety of different applications ranging from outdoor to indoor usage. If the product is being used outdoor, placement is unique in every situation. With that in mind, the type of base that can be used varies. Luckily we have a variety of different bases and accessories in stock and ready to be added to your order. These products range from different options for bases to additional supports for securing your item in windy conditions. Some custom flags can even be mounted on a wall using a wall mount or mounted to the side of a canopy using a flag holder base for canopy.  

8. Easy to design and print

Designing your very own custom marketing flag is easier than ever. Simply find the product you are wanting to order and download our free to use template. Here you’ll find the specific size with all the requirements listed out which are easy to follow. This will allow your graphics team or yourself to arrange your logo and text how you’d like. Once a design is ready to send, simply upload the design file when you place your order. Our graphic designers will review your file and ensure it is print ready before sending you a proof. If designing your custom flag is not an option, a free design request can be made. Any questions regarding the file set up can be answered by contacting us through our online support chat, by calling or emailing.

9. Optimally Located

Given the size of these flags, you have the luxury of placing them where you need them. If you plan on installing them somewhere unique, a specialty base will help ensure that it stays in its location and looks official at the same time. Our website houses a variety of bases that are sure to fit your needs. All orders that are optioned with the full set will come with a free spike base. If your application will not be installed into the ground, one of our specialty bases is sure to fit your needs. We carry indoor and outdoor cross bases that can have sand or water bags added to them to ensure they stay sturdy in any environment. Worried about your flags falling over onto precious inventory? No need to worry as we have heavy duty metal bases in stock at all times. We even offer car foot bases for dealers looking to draw attention to certain vehicles on the lot. No matter the application, we are sure to have a base that will fit your needs to guarantee your flags are optimally located.

10. Advertises 24/7


Weather permitting; these products can be placed outside throughout the day and night giving you around the clock advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising that offer the same amount of exposure, our marketing flags come in at a fraction of the cost.