This video will walk you through how to design easy feather flags in just minutes using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Using our templates you can create eye catching flag designs with just a few clicks!

Quick Steps:

UV Proof Printing

Step 1: Download and save template to computer.

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Step 2: Open in design software

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Step 3: Lock safe line and info layers


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Step 4: Change color and add text and graphics

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Step 5: For double sided, duplicate and flip artwork

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Step 6: Create outlines, embed all images, and save

Detailed Video Transcript:

Visit our feather flag product section, scroll down and choose your size.

You can either choose double or single sided templates.

Download and save this file to a location on your computer or hard drive.

Open this template in a design software of your choice. We are using Adobe Illustrator.

Start by locking your safe line and info layers in the layers panel.

Hide the info layer by clicking the eyeball. Move the artwork layer up one on top of the layout layer.

Select the feather flag shape and change it to a desired color.

Working on the artwork layer add in your text and your graphics.

Make sure to keep all important information inside the red line on the template.

Make sure you create outlines on all your text in your entire design.

For double sided flags, copy your design and position it on the opposite side.
Make sure to adjust accordingly to the safe line.

Finally, hide the safe line layer by clicking the eyeball and save your work for easy upload when placing your order.
If you are using Photoshop, make sure to hide your template layer and save your artwork at 150 dpi minimum.”

Design Services

We understand that graphic design is a critical and possibly stressful part of your ordering process. We offer professional graphic design services so that you can continue to focus on results while we handle the rest. For more general graphic design knowledge, please review our Graphic Design Guidelines.

1. Free Online Design Tool

Our Online Design Tool is the quickest way to design vector print-ready graphics by yourself. If you have clear and simple design ideas and don’t mind trying them on your own, you can create your design and upload your file to receive an online proof.

2. Free Graphic Design Service

Our Free Graphic Design Service is the best in the industry! It’s totally FREE, and you'll receive up to 3 mock-ups with any order. Our experienced graphic designers are committed to turning your ideas into amazing designs. Just fill out the Request Form when you submit the order. We will need you to provide high-resolution logos or images for your design. For more info on the format of your images, check our Graphic Design Guidelines.
(Please note with this being a free service, we are not able to fulfill design requests involving many revisions, complicated graphic / logo recreations or any 3rd party purchasing, such as stock photography or fonts.)

3. Logo Rescue Service - $39

Got a low-resolution logo? No worries! We’ll recreate your logo in vector format, so you can have crystal clear printing even on a 20ft backdrop. For a low flat rate of $39, you also get the recreated logo file for future use. The turnaround time for this service is 1-3 business days.

4. Professional Graphic Design Service - $89

For a low flat-rate of $89, you will get unlimited revisions on one graphic design for one product. Our experienced designers will develop the idea, send mockups for discussion, until the design is perfect for you. We will need you to provide high-resolution logos or images for your design. (Please note as a flat fee design service, we’re not responsible for any 3rd party purchasing, like stock photography or a special font.)

5. Design hours

For very complicate trade show booth kits, or a big project involves many parties, estimated Design Hours are purchased in advanced and, when consumed, are billed against the balance in increments of 0.25 Design Hours. Currently we offer the best deal in the industry @ $65 per hour.

Different Types of Flags

Although our most popular style of flag is a feather banner, we do offer different styles to fit any need. Check out our Flag Banners to see a full breakdown of all sizes and shapes offered. Choosing the right banner shape is critical as some designs fit better on different shapes. If you are unsure of what will work best with you, contact our design department to get assistance.

Feather Flags and Feather Banners
Top-quality Feather Banners ranging from the sizes of 6.5ft to 17ft to showcase your unique designs. Options include Single or Double-Sided. All with a lifetime warranty on the poles. Click here for more information!

Bowhead Banners and Bow Flags
Similar to the Feather Banners, but include 3 different bottom shape options: Concave, Angled and Straight. With a lifetime warranty on the poles. Click here for more information!

Teardrop Flags and Teardrop Banners
Teardrop-shaped flag banners ranging from 6 to 14 ft. tall. Single or Double-sided. Indoors or outdoors. With lifetime warranty on the poles. Click here for more information!

Downloading Design Templates

Once you have a product selected, you'll want to download the corresponding template to ensure your graphics are set up properly. Using our templates guarantees that the size and file setup is done correctly. Each template is setup with the proper layers ready for your artwork to be embedded into. To see which template you need, please refer to the product page or see our Download Design Templates page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are there red lines on the design file?
The red lines are referred to as safe lines. Although we do print outside of the safe lines, we try to keep the main design aspects within these lines to ensure that no vital part of the design is in danger of being distorted due to hardware pockets or other finishing options.

2. Can I have a Pantone color match on this product?
Yes we allow up to 2 Pantone color matches per product. Any more than two greatly increases production time and color variations begin to appear with more than two. Click here to learn how to convert CMYK to Pantone.

3. Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?
We’ll print to the very edge to achieve a “wide-screen” effect, except one-day printing, where the pole pockets portion will be covered by black or white canvas for speed production.

4. Can I chose any background?
Yes you can! If you are using a raster based image for the background, please take note of the quality when doing so. Small files at scale will look pixelated and blurry. Designers will inspect every file to ensure they are print ready before being sent to the production team.

5. Can I have different images on the front and back of double-sided feather banners?
Yes! You can choose to design one side or both so that the sides are the same or both sides are different. Be sure to select the Double Sided Printing (3 Layers) options when you select product options.

6. What will we see on the back of a single-sided banner?
If you choose to print a single-sided flag banner, please know that to save you time and money, the design will bleed through rather than printed on the back side. This means that though you can see the design on the other side, it will be mirrored, texts are not readable. If you want to have the same message appear perfectly on both sides, you will need to select the double-sided option.