We seem to be living in a pop-up world. From wine shops to outdoor yoga studios and from COVID-19 vaccination sites to gourmet restaurants, it seems as if every activity that calls for customer interaction has been getting the pop-up treatment over the last few years. Even when we browse Wikipedia we can see that new entries have been created to cover the definitions and evolution of pop-up shops, exhibitions, restaurants, and others.

Pop up displays at special events have become popular because of their high effectiveness. We tend to react very positively when we see pop up display stands that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. As long as the aesthetics and functionality of pop-up experiences are on point, we will continue to enjoy being surprised.

The whole pop-up concept may be trending now, but it is hardly new. Pop up displays have been a fixture of trade shows, conferences, expos, and fairs for many decades. There is a good chance you have seen pop up trade show displays and pop up display stands during conventions, at job fairs, or set up overnight at a local shopping mall. There isn't a single pop up booth display; there are several kinds to serve various purposes, and they have become the favorite display solution in the trade show circuit.

With all the above in mind, let's review the five reasons pop-up displays are often chosen by exhibitors and brand managers who wish to catch the attention of passerby and generate leads that can lead to easy conversions:

Pop-Ups Are Easy to Set Up and Put Away
pop-up assembly
There is a good reason these advanced signage solutions are called pop-ups: Their collapsible frame design make them extremely versatile and simple to put together. Assembling one of these structures is a breeze thanks to their unique frame design; moreover, they are fully collapsible, which means that the tear-down process is also pretty easy.

Depending on the kind of display you use, there may not even be a need to use tools when setting up or taking things down at the end of the event. There was a time when signing up for an expo or a trade show meant having to hire a crew to build a booth to the precise specifications of the even organizer. These days, a pop up booth display can be set up by brand representatives, and this can sometimes be accomplished by a single person.

Pop-Ups Are Fully Portable

Instead of having to arrange for booth construction at multiple locations, a single pop-up can be taken on the road and used multiple times. Thanks to the aluminum framing and fabric composition of a portable display, it is pretty easy to retract it, pack it up, and take it to the next location. Some pop-ups even feature their own carrying cases that make them even more portable and convenient. If a brand representative needs to make various appearances in the same region, the best solution is to carry a pop-up that can be fit in the trunk of a car. If you have several pop-ups, they can be transported in the back of a pick-up truck.

A Diversity of Pop-Ups to Choose From

With these displays, you do not have worry about running into a cookie-cutter situation at a trade show, which is a problem that exhibitors often run into with booths. Pop up frames come in a variety of sizes and shapes; they can be straight, rectangular, curved, or double-sided. Advanced features such as backlighting, magnetic surfaces, and LED detailing can make the displays even more attractive and engaging. With regard to sizing, their heights can range between 5 and 30 feet. This is the kind of versatility that would be laborious to achieve with booth construction, but it is quite simple to pull off with pop-up displays.

Graphics Are Easy to Replace

Adding to the versatility of pop-up displays is the high convenience of being able to replace the graphics. These displays boil down to two parts: the aluminum frame and the fabric where all the visual branding is custom printed. You can easily attach and remove the wrinkle-resistant fabric from the framing, which means that you can prepare various designs for different situations.

Let's say you need a pop-up display for a job fair in which you will be interviewing healthcare professionals on one day and food service workers on another day; to make things simpler, you can use adequate displays on each hiring day, but you won't have to worry about having to purchase additional sets of framing. The 9-ounce fabric, which can be folded and stored, can be easily fastened to the frame thanks to a system of hooks and loops. Removing the fabric is just as easy.

Pop-Up Displays Will Fit Your Budget

At Lush Banners, pop up trade show displays are among our best-selling items, which is why it is easier for us to offer them at lower prices. When you compare them to tension fabric signage or SEG displays, you will see the that pop-up displays are quite affordable and make a lot of sense from a budget point of view, particularly when you take advantage of a single frame and multiple fabric signs.

Even when you add special effects such as magnetic surfaces and LED lighting, you will come to realize that pop-up displays are very reasonably priced. With the right combination of tables and brochure holders, a pop-up display will feel a lot like a booth at a trade show, but you can set it up at just a fraction of the cost.

Should you have questions about pop-up displays, please get in touch with Lush Banners today. Our premium pop-up displays come with a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment. We can work with you throughout the design and delivery process so that the display you get is the one you want. Many of our displays include a free rolling case or carrying bag.