Retractable banners are highly regarded as reliable and convenient solutions to advertising a product, service, or event. They can be placed in a number of places including stores, presentations, job fairs, special events, nightclubs, trade shows, restaurants, and more. Essentially, if there's a message you'd like to spread to a certain group of people in a particular place, you can do so with a retractable banner stand.

Types of Designs Used with Retractable Banners

As you already know, retractable banners are used for all types of purposes. Additionally, not every client will benefit from the same type of design on their banner stand. This is why it's imperative to go with the right type of design for what you're promoting. A company advertising a travel destination will probably not use the same type of ad design as the company advertising a new lawn mower model. These are the ten types of common retractable banner designs.

1) The Product Image Highlight

The product image highlight banner design is one that is created with the product in mind. This retractable stand is a more direct approach to help the viewer understand exactly what the product looks like and does. By centering the product in the middle of the banner, it creates attention and draws the viewer's eye to it.

These banner stands are ideal for promoting a tangible, usable product and creating product awareness. It's one thing to describe a product in an ad to the viewer, but it's an entirely another thing to create a strong brand connection and actually shows them directly what you're selling. If you sell one product in particular or you are interested in running a promotion on a new item, this banner would be a solution to consider.

Examples of retractable banner design - product image highlighted

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands


The product is placed in the center, and important details generally surround it. For example, the company logo and slogan might be placed above the product, while other relevant information is placed below it. This information does not draw away from the product in the center. This banner can be arranged in many different ways, but the constant theme across all arrangements is that the product is centralized to create maximum exposure.

2) The Message Highlight

The message highlight a different approach for the banner stand that, instead of focusing directly on a product, focuses on the message of the advertising campaign. For example, a bread company might create a banner ad to spread awareness about their products as well as their message. Their message might be that their bread is nutritious and gluten free. To stress the importance of the bread's nutritional value, the bread company would go with the message highlight. It is rather curious that bread comes free of gluten, so they would want to touch on that.

Showing the promotion's message in the middle of the retractable banner can produce powerful results. This particular banner ad design is best when used to communicate with the target audience that the company offers something unique that requires a little bit of explanation.

Examples of retractable banner design - message centered

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

For this retractable banner ad design, the message is placed in the center, while other design elements surround it. However, the other design elements do not take away from it. The logo for the company or an image might be placed above, and other relevant details might appear below. However, when the viewer first looks at the banner ad, their eyes will be immediately drawn to the most important and noticeable part of the design; the message.

3) The Product Array

A product array is an approach used to showcase several products in the same ad. This design for retractable banner ads is perfect for companies that offer lines of products that all bring something unique to the table for various types of consumers. Items that belong to a promotion also do well in this particular banner ad design.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - Product array

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

This method is achieved by stacking or arranging the products in the ad in an aesthetically pleasing way. The design presents to the viewer that there are choices between the products. The design can feature the products in a list style with images, or they can span horizontally across the ad. This design style features 4-5 different products in an effort to bring equal exposure to each, and to also avoid overcrowding the banner ad.

With this design, there isn't much room left for other details or information other than the products themselves. Because of this, these types of ads often feature a simple logo at the top of the ad and possibly a slogan or web address at the bottom. The ad is designed this way to lead the viewer's eye to what's ultimately important for this type of ad design; the products.

4) The Stunning Image Stack

One of the most effective retractable banner displays is the stunning image stack. This is an ad that is designed by using a few high-quality images to advertise the service of the company. A promotion that requires detailed explanation in image format does exceptionally well in this design style. Additionally, this design requires high quality, well-composed photographs to be executed successfully.

This concept of the business is showcased by using various images that reflect what the company is advertising. This method is often used in conjunction with travel destinations or companies that offer activities for their consumers. For example, an art institute might choose this design and use images of the building itself, areas inside the building, and works of art that are featured throughout the institute. With this style, the viewer can form an impression and get a close idea as to what to expect once they reach their destination.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - Stunning images stack

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

The design can be executed in a number of ways as well. The images might be stacked in the background with the minimal information above, in front of, and below it. The images can also be arranged in a more intriguing and fun way, where they are placed in various areas around the banner ad.

5) The Single, Stunning Image

The single, stunning image is a design used to impress the viewer immediately with a representation of what the company is offering. A travel destination would want to use this design to illustrate just how breath-taking and stunning their location is. A company that manufactures hair dye would also want to use this banner ad design to bring attention to a new product and the results a consumer can expect once he or she has used the product.

This retractable banner stand design works particularly well for companies offering services/products that don't need much explanation. In other words, most consumers would be familiar with the service or product (hence the image comprising most of the ad space), so the design more so focuses on showing them what is about the service/product that makes it so great.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - Single image

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

This design is regularly executed by using one well-composed, high-resolution image to communicate the service or product's beauty. It will cover the topic at hand and spread the entire banner with minimal design and branding elements on top.

This would not work well for a product, service, or place that needs explanation within the same ad. Using a unique product or service in the photo for this ad could ultimately lead to confusion and the loss of a conversion.

6) The Minimal Approach

The minimal approach is one that is used by many companies, and it's only because it offers just what the consumer might care about or be looking for. It leaves out unnecessary contents and brings to the table what is important at the time of the ad viewing. It will also supply just enough information to interest the consumer and persuade them to learn more via their own doing.

A minimal banner stand is designed with simplicity in mind. A great example of a successful minimal banner ad would be a composition that contains a single photo of the product or service, a word describing the product, and the company logo or web address. Each element is arranged with balance and hierarchy in mind to keep the composition flowing.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - minimal approach

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Almost any product or service would work well with this ad design. It showcases the product, but it also is exceptionally good at leaving the consumer wondering and wanting to know more. Therefore, they would take note of the company name or web address and inquire more after seeing the banner ad. Because the design is minimal, it's always a good idea to follow up on it with additional information on your website or in your store.

7) The Clipart and Text

For this retractable, the clipart and text approach is similar to the minimal design, but the text in the ad plays a much more important role. A great example of this type of ad would be one made for a suicide prevention organization advertising quilts designed with suicide survivors and lost loved ones in mind. The logo could be placed at the top while the service is described in the center in a short, yet descriptive fashion. After the text has been placed, a website can be listed so that those that are interested can find out more.

This banner ad design is best used for products or services that are a bit unusual and require additional information. The organization is presented in the banner ad, but there is also accompanying text that describes in a short, exact way what is being offered.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - Clip art and text

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

At the end of the ad, a call to action is sometimes placed for those who want to learn more about what is being offered.

The goal of this ad is not to overwhelm the viewer, but to give them a feel for what is being offered and where they can go to learn more. Organizations advertising causes usually do well with this particular ad design.

8) The All Text

Retractable Banner ad designs that feature all text are perfect for events, products, or services that need an extensive explanation at the time the ad is viewed. This banner stand retractable is particularly popular with companies or organizations that want to advertise complex events. This is mainly because multi-day or long events have agendas, and it's important that the viewer knows exactly how the event breaks down as well as the location, time, admission fees, etc.

This type of banner usually forfeits fancy design for information. However, this design is imperative for certain clients that need a lot of information advertised to drive the message home. This ensures that the message is not lost by delivering too little information.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - All text, just text

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

The information used in the ad is usually arranged in list or table form, and short descriptions are used to describe the various elements. Images are used sparingly to allow room for the information used for the ad. For example, the logo for the event or company might be placed at the top along with a web address, and sponsor companies and their logos might line the bottom. The rest of the ad is mainly comprised with text pertaining to what is being advertised.

9) The Two Color Combination

The banner stand ad design that makes use of just two colors is often used to create brand awareness. Brand awareness is achieved with this method when a company draws two colors from their branding and uses them in excess in the banner ad to help the consumer build a connection to those colors.

A great example of a company that currently does this on a large scale is McDonald's. McDonald's generally uses their signature red and yellow colors for their advertising because consumers immediately think of that company in particular when they see the colors paired in an ad. You can also build this type of connection with your consumers by using this same concept. It's very similar in notion to wearing a sports team's colors. It raises awareness and gets the viewer thinking and making a connection to your brand.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - just two simple colors

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

When using this method, it's a good idea to choose the two most prominent colors used in your branding. These colors must also work together harmoniously, or your ad will risk being By taking a look at your logo or website, it should be rather easy to pick out which colors stand out the most.

10) The Seminar

Lastly, the seminar approach is used strictly for advertising material at seminars. These types of retractable banners are used at these types of events to provide helpful information to attendants and direct them from point A to point B. The logo is used in some way on the banner, and it will also feature large text that signifies a station at a seminar or how to reach another particular point.

These types of banners alleviate the need for an actual person to direct attendants around the event, and they create organization and order so that everyone knows where they need to go or be.

Examples of retractable banner design ideas - Seminar banners

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

These banners are never overcrowded or busy with information. They are used merely for welcoming and directing attendants to where they need to go. However, they often also retain many of the branding elements of the seminar. For example, the logo might be used in the background in a transparent way, or abstract design elements might be used that utilize a few of the brand's colors. Simplicity and usefulness are key when designing these banners. If the banner is confusing or isn't immediately obvious about designating attendants, it is useless.

Generally, retractable banners stands are comprised of three different parts. These includes:

•The full color printed vinyl banner

•The banner spring mechanism

•The banner stand base frame

The retractable banner standworks by harboring the banner inside of the base in a rolled position. The base frame features a spine-like rod that extends upward from the bottom of the frame to hold and stabilize the banner. The banner is rolled out of the base and fixed to the top of the rod under pressure in the spring mechanism. When it's time to take the banner down, you would simply un-attach the banner from the rod, and the spring mechanism would pull the banner back into the base. From there, the banner stand can easily be picked up and transported anywhere.

Preparation Before Ordering the Banner Stand

Before you order your banner stand, it's a good idea to work through a bit of preparation. First, you must understand the purpose of these types of retractable banners. Second, you must know how to work with graphic designers to come up with graphic design ideas and ultimately create a final design. Lastly, you must know how to shop for the best banner stand option for you that lies within your budget range. Leaving a single part of this preparation process out can leave you in a bind after having spent lots of wasted money. So be sure to spend adequate time on each part of this process.

Purposes of Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands were made with those on the go in mind. Several years ago, it was quite normal of businesses, organizations, and companies to use stands that were heavy, complex to set up, and impossible to take apart without destroying the banner image.

To alleviate this problem, the retractable banner stand was created. As opposed to the previous banner stand method, retractable banner stands proved to be more portable and easy to assemble and take down. Because of this, these types of banner stands are perfect for accounting executives that are always mobile and on the go, those working in trade shows, those in retail that want to close on a big account, and much more types of people.

A banner ad that is designed with mobility in mind works perfectly with this type of banner stand.

You should identify the purpose of your banner design. What's your message? Where do you plan to place the banner stand?


How to Work with Graphic Designers to Create Banner Graphics

Let's face it. Banner ads are not cheap, and you definitely want to get your design right the first time to avoid paying extra for additional design edits. So in this case, you have to learn how to work with the graphic designer on the banner graphics.

First, if you have any graphic design ideas in mind, be sure to share them with the designer. Many designers are often open to utilizing their clients' graphic design ideas in the final design, so be sure to let them know exactly what it is that you're looking for. A company with strong visual identity should create and follow a style guideline sheet. If you have one of these, provide it to your designer to make sure they get the look and feel as close as possible.

Next, you should show them the product or service that your company offers. Let them see it or use it. This will give them great graphic design ideas on how to approach the particular design. They will also be able to more clearly visualize how the ad will be assembled according to what type of product it is.

Now, identify your message and tell the graphic designer what it is. What do you want to say about your product or service in the banner ad? Do you want to touch on the fact that your new sports drink is low in sugar? Think about exactly what it is that you want to say about your product. The ad will be a means to communicate your exact message, but be clear about what it is that you want your viewers to know.

Lastly, show the designer your branding. This includes your logo, website, letterhead, etc. You want the designer to get an idea of what your brand looks and feels like so that they can work it into the banner ad. It's never a good idea to allow the designer to create a banner ad that doesn't match up with your current branding. This is because consumers will not be able to establish a connection to your brand, and even if they do, they won't recognize it down the road when they see your advertising in other places.

How to Shop for the Banner Stand Within Your Budget Range

Retractable banner stands come with all sorts of price tags affixed to them. Some are rather cheap, and probably won't hold up for as long as the more expensive ones. They may even be less sturdy and fall apart while the spring mechanism is under pressure. As you would expect, the more money you decide to invest in the banner stand, the higher the quality and the more features you can expect from it.