5 Things You Must Know About Feather Banners

  1. What is a Feather Banner?

There’s a chance you read the subject line and asked yourself “Well first of all, what is a feather banner?” Feather banners have many names such as feather signs, flutter flags or swooper flags, but they fall in the category of a flag

banner. They are used just about everywhere in the United States, so there’s almost no doubt you’ve seen one before. They are those feather-shaped signs sticking out of the ground letting you know that a nearby business is NOW OPEN, or new housing development is NOW LEASING or a new Italian restaurant is serving PIZZA & PASTA. This type of signage has been around since the ’70s but has become more popular with the rise of globalization resulting in cheaper prices.

These tall, durable showcasing signs are made of a waterproof and UV safe polyester material that is compact, easy to move and simple to install; making custom feather flags and banners a great form of business signage that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon

  1. How Long Do Feather Flags Last?

As you might assume, the answer to this question can vary, but we will break down the different variables that affect the lifespan of feather flags and discuss what you can do to extend it. The major enemies of feather flags include wind, water, sun, and neglect. You can’t control the weather, but you can control how you take care of your flags. We recommend taking your feather flags down and into storage when expecting severe weather conditions. This alone can greatly decrease damage to your feather flag. Feather banners should be washed occasionally, either by machine or spot cleaned by hand. UV exposure is another cause of deterioration to your flag. No matter where you are outside, your feather flag will be exposed to UV rays, but the amount of UV exposure depends on where you live. Lush Banners uses UV Resistant Inks on all feather banners and offers a 12-month warranty on flags for areas with a UV Index of less than 7.

With all of these variables considered, we have found that our banner poles normally last anywhere between 3 to -10 years, while flags can last from 1 to 3 years, depending on how well you take care of them and your local climate.

  1. Single-Sided vs Double-Sided

Generally, there are two main types of feather banners - single or double-sided. Now, this may seem like a quite self-explanatory thing, but the usages and construction of either type of feather banner are quite different. If you choose to print a single-sided flag banner, note that the design is bled through rather than printed on the backside.in order to save you time and money and therefore will be about 70% opaque. This means that though you can see the design on the other side, it will be mirrored, and the text will not be as vibrant or legible. If you would like to have the same message appear perfectly on both sides, you will need to choose the double-sided option. Double-sided feather banners contain three layers - 2 prints on either side and a silvertone blockout layer in between them. Other than increased visibility, this method of construction allows for a heavier weighted and more durable flag banner.

  1. The Pole Material Matters

The feather banner pole is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of a feather flag banner. The level of quality ranges widely in the market for custom feather flags and banners depending on which vendor you go

with. Most poles are made of aluminum because of its lightweight construction. The downside with aluminum is that it’s such a soft metal, and therefore prone to distortion as aluminum poles do not hold up well in strong winds. Fiberglass is the best alternative because like aluminum, it is lightweight, but unlike aluminum, fiberglass poles are extremely durable. This is the same material used in airplane parts, fishing poles, and high-end tennis racquets. Lush Banners Feather Flag Kits come with fiberglass poles that are known to last 2 to 5 years on average and are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

  1. You Can Choose the Right Base For Your Specific Needs

Custom feather banners can have a wide range of usages. Depending on where and for what you need to use your feather flags for, Lush Banners offers different flag banner base options specifically designed to do the job. Outdoor spike bases come in different sizes and are perfect for tough outdoor environments when placed in soil and grass. Cross bases feature a weather-resistant powder finish so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can get the version with ground nails for extra stability on uneven ground or windy days. Our Premium Cross Base is made of pure steel and comes with a free water bag to add additional weight and stability. The polished mirror finish may get damaged with extended outdoor use, so it is recommended to use this base mainly indoors. Plastic water bases are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well and come in different shapes and sizes. They also feature ground nails for extra stability. The heavy-duty all-metal Square Base is considered the most high-end option due to its sleek and modern finish, zero tipping hazard risk, and versatility both indoors and outdoors. Wall mount bases are designed for mounting small flag banners on walls that are up to 8ft in size. They all come with universal screws that work well on most wall surfaces. All of the aforementioned bases are compatible with all Lush Banners flag banners.