The custom pop up tent has always been a customer favorite to advertise and showcase. This product is perfect for any outdoor event or trade shows for its large size and durability. Our customizable canopy is made of commercial-grade aluminum and heavy-duty outdoor oxford cloth. You can easily set it up within minutes to create a space to promote your company effortlessly.

Highlight and Promote Your Brand

There are many things that you can do to give your brand a whole new level of exposure. One of the very best will be to spotlight it via a new series of promotional outdoor canopy tents. These tents can be used to give you access to trade show events of all types. They can be set up in any location you choose in order to greet guests.

Once set up, they can be quickly secured in order to provide fast and safe access. They can be further customized with inflatable furniture to increase the comfort of your guests. You can proceed to store plenty of promotional display goods. This will be the best way to let people who pass by know what your business can do for them.

There are a great many customization options for all of our canopy tents with sidewalls. This also applies to the huge range of accessories that we make available to the public. Each and every one of our high-quality canopy tents is backed with a full warranty of guaranteed quality.

10x20ft Custom Canopy Tent

10x10ft Custom Printed Canopy Tent

10x10ft Custom Canopy Tent

Only the Highest Quality Materials Are Used

Custom Canopy Tent Designs

A selection of top rated canopy tents ought to include certain features. For example, each of them ought to be equipped with full color, photo quality printing for the graphics. The materials ought to be of the finest caliber. Graphics ought to be bright, colorful, and resistant to heavy weather as well as UV rays for a long period.

Once people spot the bright and colorful logo on your banner, they'll want to know more. All of our custom canopy tents are printed using only the world's finest Oxford cloth 600D, compared to the standard 300D you’ll find used on box store models. Each frame is made of heavy quality material to ensure full safety compliance and a long life of service.

Tons of Customization Options Are Available

There is never the remotest possibility of obtaining a low quality, generic custom canopy tent from Lush Banners. Every item that we sell, from inflatable arches to accessories to canopy pop up tents, is designed with your customizing options in mind. This is what prevents our products from ever being dismissed as generic or boring.

It's also what will keep your custom event tent from being lost in a crowd of similar structures. You can fully customize the side walls, back walls, and every other area of your canopy. This will leave people walking by in no uncertain terms as to whose wares they are passing. It will draw their attention and bring them to your door.

Just as you can customize the sides and walls, you can also customize such key areas as the table covers. You can top it all off with a series of brightly colored canopy flags. These handy items will complete the impression of showmanship for your company. You can use them to give the vibe of a fully professional, well to do establishment.

Custom Printed Wall for Canopy Tents

Custom Printed Canopy Leg Banners

Custom Printed Half Wall or Side Panel for Canopy Tents

Each Canopy Includes a Heavy-Duty Frame

It's one thing to set up a fully customized tent canopy at a live event. But it's a whole other to make sure that the tent you set up is safe to make use of. It all starts when you secure the entire structure with the proper backbone. This is one that needs to be able to stand up to wind, rain, sleet, snow, and other random elements.

All of our top rated custom canopy tents come with a full warranty of guaranteed long- term quality. Each frame is made of the best quality commercial grade aluminum. These frames are built to last for a long time to come. They will uphold your custom pop up canopy in order to keep you, your customers, and all of your display goods secured.

If you need free stakes and ropes to secure your tent and hold it firmly in place, no worries. Lush Banners can provide them with every order. This is in addition to the many other exciting options for customizing that we are pleased to provide. All of our tents are flame retardant and made of framing material that will stand up to the test.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Tent Frame Detail

Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Tent Frame

Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Tent Frame Detail 2

Extend the Life of Your Canopy


We can easily provide you with all of the accessories you will need to extend the life of your canopy. This starts with a heavy-duty roller bag that you can fit your canopy into when you are not using it. This bag is designed to keep your canopy safely rolled up and ready to deploy as needed. It comes with our usual guarantee of full quality.

As with any item of property, a high level of proper care and maintenance must be kept up to ensure the best results. It will be up to you to do all that you can to keep your custom printed canopy tents in the best possible working shape. This will mainly involve keeping them out of the sun and away from elements like wind and rain.

How To Take Care and Maintain Your Canopy Tent Part 1: Custom Graphic and Fabrics
Maintaining Custom Canopy
Graphics & Fabrics

How To Take Care and Maintain Your Canopy Tent Part 2: Frame and Accessories
Maintaining Custom Canopy
Frames & Accessories

How To Take Care and Maintain Your Canopy Tent Part 3: Weather Conditions
Maintaining Custom Canopy
Weather Conditions

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