Why Do You Need A Backdrop If You Are Working From Home

Professionals who are working from home often have issues with the look that they create when they host or join video conferences. You may not have many good options for making yourself look good as you speak to your colleagues, and you may want to upgrade your office, add a backdrop to your living room, or create a better image when you greet your staff online. Consider what can be done when you want to purchase custom backdrops.

Why Do You Need Custom Backdrops?

A custom backdrop looks good. When you join Zoom or Skype calls, the backdrop is the first thing that people see. You may not have anything nice in the background, but you can use a backdrop to make it look like you are in a corner office, in the woods, working outside, or possibly in a beautiful library. The backdrop gives an illusion that is impossible to get out of your head.

When you are sitting in front of the backdrop, your employees or guests will not know what else is in the room. You should think of your backdrop like you are on TV. Because you do not have Super Bowl trophies, Presidential commendations, or a collection of military medals to display, you can use a backdrop.

What Sort Of Backdrop Should You Choose?


Step and Repeat Backdrops


Tension Fabric Display


Pop Up Display


Silversep Retractable Backdrop

The backdrop you choose says a lot about you and your work environment. If you are using a cityscape as your backdrop, you want to look like you are in a nice office. This might be a good thing to do if you manage a team or own a company. This type of backdrop is also good for you if you are consulting in a professional capacity. Everyone is sitting at home, but you want to impress your clients when they see you.

If you choose a natural background, you can create a calming presence that people need when they are working with you. The COVID-19 pandemic is a trying time, but you also want to exude that calming demeanor throughout the year. You can keep everyone calm when you are reviewing reports or talking about sensitive issues.

How Large Should The Backdrop Be?

The backdrop that you choose depends entirely on your camera angle. You may have a wide camera angle and a large room to work in. If so, you need a massive background that will cover the entire camera angle that you have created. If you are in a small space, you need a smaller backdrop that will cover the tiny area where you are working.

Where Does The Backdrop Go?

Some backdrops will sit in the corner because you want to get the best camera angle, or you can set the backdrop over your couch. The backdrop will take up most of the picture, and the couch will not be quite as obvious. You might even hang the backdrop over half of the couch so that you get a consistent image.

A backdrop can sit behind your desk, and it can even be hung from the ceiling if you are working in the middle of a much larger room. If the backdrop covers most of the shot you are using, no one will know the difference.

Who Benefits From These Backdrops?

Everyone can use a backdrop for their home or office when they take Zoom or other web conferencing calls all day. You might want to consider a backdrop if you are:
  • Managing a business
  • Managing your team
  • Teaching a class
  • Hosting forums for business leaders
  • Checking in with clients
  • Talking to concerned customers
  • Meeting with insurance companies or lender
  • Meeting with your superiors
  • Meeting with vendors

Custom Backdrops for Video Seminars

The backdrop can be used effectively you avoid the following situations:
Do not touch the backdrop at any time. If the backdrop moves, it will be obvious that you are sitting in front of a false image.
Do not move around during the video conference. You want the backdrop to be the only thing that people see other than you. Even if you get up, you need to walk away from the backdrop and leave just the backdrop in the shot.
Do not reference the backdrop. You should allow the backdrop to speak for itself.

When the backdrop is hanging behind you, it should be far away from you. You do not want to be close to the backdrop. You do not want to lean up against the wall because you will wrinkle the backdrop. The people who are watching you will realize that you are using a backdrop, and they will wonder why you are leaning against it.

Do not put a backdrop against a window. If you are using a backdrop in the middle of the day, sunlight will pass through the backdrop. This makes the backdrop look inauthentic, and you will not look as trustworthy when you are meeting with people virtually.

To use a backdrop successfully, it should be hung on the wall using a strong adhesive strip. The backdrop might have rings that can be hung from a nail. The backdrop must be as taut as possible, and the backdrop should not be near an open window. You do not want the wind to blow through your backdrop.

If you hang the backdrop from the ceiling, ensure that nothing will move the backdrop. You should also take down the backdrop at the end of the day. You want to put the backdrop away so that nothing happens to it in the night. This is especially important if you have pets.


Backdrops are a good way to look professional, remain productive, and present a good image. The people who order these backdrops should consider how large the backdrop needs to be, where it will hang, and how to make it look realistic. You should not touch the backdrop, and you should allow it to speak for itself. The backdrop makes you look like a professional, impresses your clients, and ensures you can remain productive at any time.

Following backdrops products are provided by Lushbanners:

Widely used as photo backdrops, Step and Repeat Backdrops are large, printed backdrop stands with adjustable height and width.

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Pop Up Displays are eye-catching custom printed fabric displays for events and conferences. Pop up display systems are easy to setup in minutes and switching graphics is an quick & painless process.

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Modern, sleek, and vibrant, our tension fabric displays are known for their lightweight frame and beautiful seamless presentation.

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Retractable Backdrops are extra wide retractable banner stands custom printed for your needs. Commonly used for impactful wide displays or photo backdrops.

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