Tips To Make Your Custom Flags & Flag Banners Last Longer | Lush Banners

Written By: Teresa Henderson | Graphic Designer + Customer Care Specialist
Fact Checked By: Griffin Miller | Senior Graphic Designer + Customer Care Specialist



Many customers have requested information regarding the care and maintenance of feather banners. These tips also apply to Teardrop, Bowhead, and Rectangular Flag Banners. Follow these 3 simple steps to ensure your custom flag banners have a prolong life.

Tip #1: Take Flags Down in Extreme Weather Conditions

torn feather flag

Feather Banners and other Flag Banners are not designed to be used in extreme weather conditions. These include but are not limited to winds in excess of 40MPH, storms and blizzard conditions. Please take down the flag banners and safely store when extreme weather conditions are expected. Failure to do so might cause premature damages on both the poles and flags.

Please bring your banners inside during any of the above weather conditions or other extreme weather conditions.

For more information regarding the wind speed testing done on our flag banners, please see our wind speed test results page.

Heavy-rainHeavy Rain

Thurder-stormThunder Storm

winter-stormWinter Storm

Tip #2: Ensure Proper Installation

Ensure that your spike base is installed properly, keep the tip of the pole all the way inserted into the reinforced corners, and always use tension cords when applicable, but not pulled too tightly.

tip2-1Keep the head of the spike base above the ground (for rotation)

tip2-2Always use tension cords

tip2-3Insert top pole into reinforced corner

Tip #3: Minimize Force

Flags and hardware that have been damaged by force (whether intentional or otherwise) are not covered by warranty. For example, flags that have been caught on fencing etc and have torn will not be replaced via warranty claim. Another example is landscapers cutting the base poles.

fense thorns
Barbed Wire


Flag Banner Claims: What's Covered & What's Not

Feather Banner and other flag banner damages and claims can be caused by a variety of reasons. The following are general guidelines for claims that are covered by our warranty and those that are not.

Claims that are covered:

Claims covered by our warranty include damages caused by manufacturer defects. This may include major color differences from the approved critical color match number (PMS Color Code), uncommon pre-mature wear and tear on the printed flag or on the poles caused by manufacturers defects.

Claims that are not covered:

Feather Banners and other Flag Banners are designed for normal daily promotional uses. They should be installed properly and not be used in extreme weather conditions. These include but are not limited to, winds in excess of 40MPH, storms and blizzard conditions.

For more information about feather & flag banner claims, please visit our "Guidelines for Feather Banner Claims" page.