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Written By: Edward Hymes | Customer Success Manager
Fact Checked By: Andrea Gibbs | Marketing & Automation Lead + Graphic Designer


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Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand to a targeted audience. Standing out and achieving a high return on investment (ROI) from your trade show booth requires a strategic approach. In this guide, we will explore how to create trade show booths that attract visitors and turn leads into customers.

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Key point 1 - aviation grade poles

Plan for Simplicity: Choose Products that are Easy to Install & Maintain

When it comes to trade show booth displays, simplicity is key. Choosing products that are easy-to-install & maintain saves time and effort, letting you concentrate on important trade show tasks.

Pop-Up Trade Show Booths: Pop-up trade show displays are a popular choice for their convenience and speed. These portable and lightweight booths set up in minutes, making them ideal for businesses on the go. They also offer the ability to update graphics easily. This means you can change your message for each event without needing to purchase a completely new display.

SEG Quickwall & Ultralite Booths: Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) booths are another excellent option for easy graphic updates. SEG systems utilize a silicone strip sewn into the edge of the graphic. This makes it easy to insert the graphic into a frame, resulting in a seamless appearance. This enables you to change your booth's visuals effortlessly, keeping your display fresh and relevant.

Tension Fabric Displays: Modern, sleek, and vibrant, our tension fabric trade show displays are known for their lightweight frame and beautiful seamless presentation. Also called fabric exhibition stands, fabric tube displays, or wave tube displays, the frames of these displays are easy to assemble with snap-click poles as your custom printed graphic slides over the frame. This latest trend in trade show displays allows your company to create many different shapes and sizes, perfect for any trade show or indoor display.

Choosing products that are easy to install and have updated graphics keeps your trade show booth modern and interesting. This is important for attracting visitors and getting the most out of your investment.

pop-up displays

Pop-Up Trade Show Displays

SEG quickwall displays

SEG Quickwall Displays

Ultralite SEG displays

Ultralite SEG Displays

Tension Fabric displays

Tension Fabric Displays

Plan for Growth: Choose a Modular Style Display & Allow for Future Booth Expansion

Being flexible and adaptable is important for trade show booths, especially for businesses wanting to grow their presence. Modular displays allow you to easily change your booth's layout and design for different events and settings.

Modular Trade Show Displays: Utilize interchangeable components, allowing you to adjust the size and layout to suit different booth spaces and booth styles. This flexibility means your booth will always fit on the show floor, using space well and creating a consistent brand presence.

Modco Modular Booths: This system is built tool-free using modular aluminum frames in a selection of multiple frame sizes that assemble toollessly with pin connectors. It is easy to set-up yet flexible enough for various configurations. These booths are designed with custom fabric SEG graphics that can be used around the entire exhibit, with perforations that are covered for a flawless edge finish.

Truss Modular Booths: This line offers a clean and sleek display that uses heavy-duty steel columns and locking connectors to create a rigid and stable exhibit. The Truss-style booths make it easy to add accessories like shelving units and TVs mounted to its exterior. Truss Modular displays are available in 10ftx10ft, 10ftx20ft, and 20ftx20ft.

Brite-Lite Lightbox & Bright LED Backlit Displays: Adding LED or lightbox displays to your trade show booth can make your brand message more elegant and visible. Modular lightbox displays make graphics stand out and enable easy graphic swapping for various events or promotions and utilize LED light panels to produce a bright, glowing backlight graphic.

Choosing products that are easy to install and have updated graphics keeps your trade show booth modern and interesting. This is important for attracting visitors and getting the most out of your investment.

Key point 2 - edge-to-edge printing
modular trade show displays

Modular Trade Show Displays

Modco Modular displays

Modco Modular Trade Show Displays

Truss modular trade show displays

Truss Modular Trade Show Booths

Brite-Lite Lightbox & Bright LED Backlit Displays

Brite-Lite Lightbox LED Backlit Dispaly

Key point 1 - aviation grade poles

Plan For Success: Simple Ways to Attract More Visitors

Having a visually appealing booth is essential, but it's equally important to attract visitors to your booth. Here are some simple yet effective strategies to attract more foot traffic to your trade show booth:

Request a Specific Display Location: Asking for a prime location at the trade show can attract more people to your booth. This is because popular areas tend to have a higher number of visitors.

When registering for a trade show, ask about available places and pick one with good visibility and easy access. Try to select a location that receives high traffic but without congestion, such as a few yards from the entrance. Intersections are also effective because they expose your booth to multiple traffic flows.

Accept Credit & Debit Cards for Purchases: Keep in mind not everyone at the trade show will have cash on them. Businesses see a 20% increase in sales when they offer customers the choice to pay with debit or credit cards. Trade shows are no exception.

When setting up a trade show booth, establish a POS system for card payments. Offer customers the option to pay with cash, credit, or debit for quick and efficient payments. This will capture more sales at your booth and increase your data security.

Schedule Electrical Work Before the Event: Plan ahead and schedule electrical work for your booth well in advance.

This helps avoid any last-minute glitches and ensures that your booth is fully functional throughout the event.

Test Equipment & Set-Up Before the Show: Don't leave anything to chance. Test all your equipment and practice setting up your booth before it's shipped to the event location to identify and resolve any potential issues. This includes AV equipment, event tech, and any other activations. Ensure the following in the days leading up to your event:

  • All equipment will work together.
  • Mounts for monitors and screens, if you need them, have been packed.
  • All power cords are long enough.

You don’t want to have any issues on the day, especially not when making a presentation to a potential client!

Sound the Alarm Before the Show: Get people excited before the trade show by sending newsletters or posting on social media about your participation. This builds excitement among your audience and encourage them to visit your booth.

Pre-Book Appointments: Leverage your existing network and reach out to potential customers before the trade show. Pre-book appointments with interested prospects to ensure that you have dedicated face-to-face time with them during the event.

As you speak, assume the appointment is going ahead using a clear and confident tone of voice. Give them a clear incentive to attend the appointment.
A Trade Show Counter is a fantastic way to direct your attendees to their appointment, rather than wandering around your exhibit. It creates a sense of centrality in the exhibit, without clutter.

Showcase Your Brand Mission: Display Your Message in a Clear & Simple Way

In the bustling trade show environment, clarity is paramount. Your trade show booth design is like a billboard for your brand. It should quickly and effectively show your message so it stands out.

Embrace Simplicity in Booth Design: Avoid clutter and unnecessary distractions in your booth design. Keep your messaging clear, concise, and visually appealing. A clutter-free booth allows visitors to focus on your brand and products without getting overwhelmed.

Treat Your Booth as a Billboard: Essentially, your trade show booth is a billboard exposed to numerous passersby. Use bold graphics, attention-grabbing visuals, and compelling messages to draw people in and make a memorable impression.

Utilizing Graphics & Messaging: Your booth's graphics and messaging should align with your brand mission and value proposition. Clearly communicate what sets your brand apart and why visitors should engage with you.

Using a straightforward booth design helps your brand connect with visitors, leaving a strong impression. This increases the likelihood of converting them into customers and achieving a higher return on investment.

secret 4

secret 5

Prepare Your Team: Fully Train Your Staff, Don’t Waste the Chance to Connect with Clients!

Your trade show booth staff plays a pivotal role in creating a positive and memorable experience for visitors. Invest time in training your team to maximize their potential and make meaningful connections with potential clients.

The Importance of Booth Staff Training and Engagement Strategies: Train your staff to know your products and services well, be confident with visitors, and handle inquiries and concerns effectively. Engage your team in role-playing scenarios to prepare them for various interactions they may encounter during the event.

Maximizing Staff Potential to Engage and Connect with Potential Clients: Encourage staff to be friendly, approachable, and proactive in talking to attendees to maximize engagement and connection with potential clients. Emphasize active listening and meaningful discussions with clients to understand their needs and offer personalized solutions.

Turning Trade Show Booths into Networking Opportunities: In addition to generating leads, trade shows offer valuable networking opportunities. Encourage your booth staff to network with other exhibitors, industry professionals, and potential partners during the event. Building strong relationships can lead to collaborations and business growth beyond the trade show.

To improve your trade show booth, invest in staff training and encourage engagement. This will create a space for meaningful connections, resulting in more leads and a better return on investment.

Keep the Ball Rolling: Be Sure to Follow Up On Collected Leads

Your hard work at the trade show doesn't end when the event does. Following up on the leads you collected is crucial to converting potential customers into paying clients.

Talk to your team about what to do after the trade show ends. Sit down with your booth staff and make a plan for following up with potential customers. Assign specific roles and responsibilities for lead follow-up to ensure that no potential customer falls through the cracks.

Use your company's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to track and organize leads for better management and organization. Input relevant information about potential clients and set reminders for follow-up tasks.

Proactive Follow-Up Techniques to Convert Leads into Customers: Don't wait for leads to reach out to you. Be proactive in your follow-up efforts. You can send personalized emails or make calls to thank leads for visiting your booth. This will also allow you to provide more information and address any questions or concerns they may have.

Following the tips described above can significantly increase lead conversion rates and ensure a high ROI.

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Transform your trade show booth into a high-ROI magnet by implementing the strategies and secrets shared in this guide.
Contact us today to discuss, order, or design your custom trade show booth and take your brand to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a custom trade show booth cost?

The cost of a custom trade show booth varies widely based on size, design, materials, and additional features. Lush Banners provides most pricing up-front, on our website, unless the booth or display you need is fully custom-quoted.

2. How much does it cost to ship a trade show booth?

Shipping costs for a trade show booth depend on size, weight, distance, and shipping method. Be sure to provide accurate shipping and delivery information to our team for the most accurate quote on costs.

3. How to make a booth for a trade show?

All of our booths are user-friendly and don't require professional assistance or installation. Each product takes just a few simple steps to set up, and your trade show booth can be up in just a few minutes. We offer many customizable models of modular trade show displays. You are able to mix and match between products to create an exhibit that is fully custom to your company's needs and preferences. We work hard to make sure our products and our ordering processes are simple and straightforward, but don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need help.

4. How can my company be effective at trade shows?

Ensure trade show success by setting clear goals, training staff, designing an attractive booth, offering interactive experiences, and effectively conveying your company's value proposition. For more in-depth advice on effective trade-show booths, please see our blog on the 32 Trade Show Tips to Attract More Visitors.

5. How do you get the best booth at a trade show?

To secure a prime booth location, book early, choose high-traffic areas, consider corner spaces, and negotiate with event organizers for optimal visibility.

6. What is the best trade show attire?

Depending on the market, business casual is the best way to go. Think slacks or nice jeans and a t-shirt or button-up with a blazer. There’s no need for a full suit. Comfort is key, if you’re working in a booth, you’ll be on your feet for most of the day so make sure you have comfortable shoes!

7. What do you say at a trade show? What is the best way to connect with visitors to my trade show booth?

Engage visitors by asking open-ended questions, sharing your product's benefits, and focusing on solving their pain points. Use active listening and offer engaging demonstrations to forge connections.

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