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Written By: Henry Webb | Graphic Designer + Coordinator
Fact Checked By: Andrea Gibbs | Digital Marketing Coordinator + Graphic Designer


Should You Invest in a Custom Canopy Tent Now?

Business operations are managed through various processes that require adequate funding. In business accounting, this kind of funding is expressed as operating expenses, but in some cases, it can be viewed as an investment instead of an overhead item. Customer service, for example, is a business process that can generate customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing, so it can be viewed through an investment lens. Marketing is another business process that is more in line with investing because it can generate substantial returns.

A large canopy tent that highlights branding can be a smart investment for business owners that plan to offer products or services at conventions, expos, fairs, trade shows, concerts, and outdoor events. Market research has consistently proven that business owners who maintain a presence in the trade show circuit are able to result in 55% more foot traffic; plus, exhibitors often mention that these events increase their lead generation volume by more than 30%. This alone makes a custom pop-up canopy solution a wise investment instead of being a mere overhead expense because it has great potential to generate returns.

When the business-to-consumer and the business-to-business sectors are predominantly digital, branding items such as a custom event tent can make a difference. The tangible and personal interactions that take place between trade show attendees and exhibitors are far more effective than social media engagement. A canopy tent with sidewalls and attractive branding is not only perfect for outdoor events and promotions; it can easily become an essential marketing tool that sets your business apart in unique and professional ways.

Increased Visibility for Your Brand

Outdoor canopy tents provide an excellent opportunity to highlight your branding. For the most part, the spaces assigned to exhibitors at outdoor events tend to be larger; the industry standard calls for enough room to set up a canopy tent 10x10, and this gives you plenty of space for full color, photo quality high-resolution printing on a larger surface. Consider all the advertising surfaces that a canopy tent 10x20 offers: This gives you 200 square feet that can be filled with logos, images, lettering, slogans, messages, URLs, social media handles, and even QR codes that attendees can scan with their smartphones.

The outdoor canopy solutions provided by Lush Banners should meet and exceed your business branding goals. When the tent is set up, you want people to walk by your space, stop, and see what your brand is about and what it has to offer. Your logo and marketing messages can be displayed clearly on the canopy tent to ensure maximum exposure. You don't have to limit your visual branding to the top canopy; our add-ons include full-back walls, side panels, tabletop displays, feather flags, and even awning kits to expand the printing surface.

The High-Quality Materials of Our Canopy Tent Solutions

When you purchase a heavy-duty outdoor canopy tent from Lush Banners, you are in fact investing in a promotional item that can stay in your company for decades. The commercial-grade aluminum used to manufacture the frames that support our custom canopies is similar to the kind used for road traffic signs; in fact, we extend a limited lifetime warranty for our frames because we know that they are made with materials engineered for outdoor use.

As for the surface materials your branding is printed on, we use 600D Oxford cloth, a polyester fabric treated with waterproof PVC coating; moreover, the finishing of this material offers excellent UV protection to keep your branding from fading under extreme sunshine conditions. This is the kind of fabric that can remain vibrant for years to come and it can endure even the harshest sun, rain, wind, and even sandstorms.

Needless to say, replacing the printed canopy top, walls, and side panels is easy with our custom tent solutions. Our clients rarely need to replace the durable frames, but we see quite a few orders that involve printing on a new canopy top and other surfaces because they want alternate versions or simply need to update their branding. Our sublimation techniques allow for glossy double-sided printing in full color and at high resolutions to complement graphics.

Trade Show Canopy Tents Are Easy to Carry, Store, and Set Up

The adjustable pop-up frame system of our canopy tents makes them easy to install. The process of setting up a tent involves four steps:

  1. Removal and arrangement of frame and hardware.
  2. Extending the frame from the center to a halfway point.
  3. Placing the canopy on top of the half-extended frame in order to fit the fabric and fasten it with velcro straps.
  4. Extending the rest of the frame and adjusting the telescoping legs to an adequate height.

Lush Banners highly recommends a heavy-duty canopy frame carrying bag for our custom solutions. These bags are specifically designed to make storage and transportation easy and comfortable; moreover, they are available in sizes ranging from 5x5 to 10x20 frames. Thanks to features such as wheels, multiple handles, and a side pocket to store printed fabric, our bags let you roll in and out of events. Since we have already established that canopy tents are in fact investments, you will want to protect yours with our special carry-and-storage bags.

Learn More About Custom Canopy Tents from Lush Banners

For more than a decade, Lush Banners has provided business owners with various signage solutions ranging from canopies to banner stands and from teardrop flags to full trade show booths. Should you have questions about our custom canopy design services, please feel free to contact our office today. If you do not have graphics or even know how your brand should be displayed on the tent surfaces, the seasoned members of our design department will be happy to help with ideas. We also offer layouts, logo rescue, and other professional graphic design services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your tent frame height adjustable?

Yes, simply extend the telescopic legs and lock them into place! The height is adjustable from 7.2 ft to 11.5 ft.

2. Is the pop-up canopy tent graphic weather and fireproof?

Your custom pop-up tent frame is made of commercial-grade aluminum which is weather and fireproof. The custom graphics are made of durable outdoor oxford fabric which is UV/Water Proof, and Flame Retardant.

3. What is the expected life expectancy of your custom canopy tents?

With proper care and maintenance, the estimated life expectancy of custom tents is around 3-5 years. Most of our clients replace their custom graphics on the tent due to wear and tear or branding updates.

4. Is custom pop up tent easy to transport?

Generally yes, as the frame is retractable. However, please pay attention that the packaging is still relatively bulky and heavy, due to the size of the pop-up tent and the thick printing material of the tent graphic. (60 inches long, 55 Ibs average for a 10ft custom canopy tent with graphic). We have an optional rolling bag to make transportation and storage easy.

5. How can I prevent my assembled tent from blowing over in strong winds?

If you intend to use your tent during windy weather, please make sure to use the rope and ground nails kit that is included with every Lush Banners custom tent and banner set order. This will secure the 4 corners to the ground and prevent the tent banner from flapping or toppling over in the wind. Also, you can consider buying extra sandbags for your tent, a set of 4 can add 70-80Ibs extra weight to your custom tent, or our new set of 2 canopy tent weights that add around 16lbs of weight per leg.

6. How are graphics for canopy tents fabricated?

Creating custom canopy tops for a tent all starts from a blank white roll of fabric, which is heavy-duty and weather-proof. For example, Lush Banners uses the thickest material 600D oxford cloth on the market for durability. Then the designed graphic will be printed out on the tent graphic and cut into pieces according to the templates. Skilled workers then sew all the pieces into the top, the walls, etc. One thing that needs to be mentioned is all the finishings are important for the quality of your custom canopy like reinforced strips running across the top, and Velcro fasteners keeping walls secured.

7. How to customize a pop-up tent canopy?

The good news is you have unlimited options to customize the canopy graphic for your tent any way you want! The custom design for your tent can go all over the canopy, and you can thoughtfully choose walls, side panels, doors, windows, connectors, and even sanitizer holders to fulfill any functions. Please feel free to talk to our specialists now to find out more.

We know that the design of your graphics is an important (and can be a difficult) component of your order. If you need help with graphic design for your tent banner, we can assist you so that you can keep your attention on getting results for your business.

Don't worry if you don't have an idea for your canopy's design; we'll create one and send you a proof for free after you've paid for your order.

When sending a file for printing, it's best to use a Vector format like PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator (AI), or Photoshop (PSD). There are no hidden fees for design revisions, so feel free to experiment! Each custom tent banner order undergoes a review by our designers.

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