What Does a Custom Flag Maker Do?

a Custom Flag Banners Maker is in service to handle every aspect of your custom flag needs. This includes designing, printing, finishing, and shipping your orders. And guarantee all of our work with a partial or full warranty.

Who is Lush Banners?

Lush Banners is a company that specializes in creating customized feather flags and custom flags. We serve a wide variety of businesses and organizations all over the world. We create custom printed flags and display products for indoor display, outdoor events, trade show, and fairs.

Tech Specs for Customized Flags

Custom flags comes with a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 3x5ft all the way to hugh stadium flag 9120ft x 100ft), You can order them either single or double sided.Feather flags come in 6.5 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 13.5 feet, and 17 feet designs. You can order them either single or double sided.Bowhead flags come in 6.5 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 13.5 feet, and 17 feet designs. You can order them either single or double sided.
Custom teardrop flag banners come in 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, 11 feet, and 14 feet designs. You can order them either single or double sided.Rectangular flag banners commonly come in 8 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet, and 17 feet designs. You can order them either single or double sided.

We also have a wide variety of custom flag printed flags with beautiful pre-designs available for you to choose from.

Step By Step Guide - How To Order Custom Flags

We leave it up to you to decide the quantity, shape, and size of your custom flags and feather banners. You can order them either single or double sided. We also let you choose the production and shipping options that work best for your personal needs. Let us know how fast you need an order and we will work hard to meet the deadline.

Please note the time frame for your production deadline begins when we receive your full approval and payment. You will need to make due allowance for the production time plus the shipping option you have chosen for your order.

All you need to do to get started is to get all of your various logo, files, and high resolution images ready to share with us. Once we receive them, we can begin the work of designing your customized flags and banners.

If you wish, you can choose your personal artwork design. If you can't come up with one by yourself, don't panic. We have a free in-house design service, the details for which can be found here.

The last step of the process will be to approve the final proof of the design. We will not start on the manufacturing of a design until we have your final proof and payment.

After the design has been approved, completed, and shipped, we will welcome your honest review and feedback.

Process for Custom Flags Creation

The process for creation begins when we receive your artwork design or your request for us to create one.

We will then carefully check the quality of the artwork as well as the proofs. After we complete the proofing, we will send you an email. You can then check the results and give your approval or request for further modifications.

After we have received your approval and payment, we will begin production. Once this is complete, we will perform a thorough quality check of the finished product.

Once your order is complete, we will handle all of the necessary packing and shipping. We will send you an email with a tracking number so that you can stay informed of every step of the shipping process.

Once you have received you order, you can feel free to give us feedback as well as a review. We welcome all questions and comments that you may have regarding our manufacturing and shipping process.

What Are the Benefits of Ordering Directly from Custom Flag Makers?

There are a whole host of benefits that come from ordering your custom feather flags and custom flag from Custom Flag Makers. When you order from the best ones directly, you can be assured of top quality service with a full warranty of guaranteed quality.

Here at Lush Banners, we go well out of our way to guarantee our customers a quick and easy order at our fully optimized official website. We also strive to keep costs as low as possible.

We combine these benefits with the sheer convenience of allowing our customers to order each and every one of our products from our secure online store. We then back up each order with a full level of national and international coverage.

Complete Custom Flag Makers Comparison Chart

MakerLush BannersVistaprintDisplay to GoVispronetSigns.com
ProductsAll shapes includes: 5 sizes; single and double-sided4 sizes from 7.5-15.5, 3 Shapes, Single & Double Sided, No Pole Flags4 sizes for 8ft-14ft, 3 shapes, Single Sided Only, Only Pre-Printed Pole Flags 3x56 sizes from 4-17ft, 10+ Flag shapes, Single and Double Sided, Pole Flags4 sizes from 8-18ft, 4 shapes, single & Double Sided, Pole Flags
Size limitationNo Size limitaion for custom flagsN/A3'x5' Pre-Printed8'w x 19.67'h5.2' x 8.3'
WarrantyParts & PrintingNo WarrantyNo Warranty

- Indoor Products (limited warranty of 1 year)
- Outdoor Products (limited warranty of 6 months)

- Indoor (6 months)
- Outdoors (1 Year)

No Warranty
DesignFree Professional DeignPay before designServices start at $45Free design helpFree design help
Pricing ($-$$$$)$$ (Base)$$$$$$$$$$$
Specialty-International Fulfillment
-Custom Finishing
-International Fulfillment
-Live Design ($)
Pre-Printed DesignsOnline design ToolPre-Design template avaialble
NoteAll in one customer service & design helpN/AOnly 1 color pole sleeves (white)Lots of Pre-Printed options1 Day production

MakerBuild a signFeatherflagnationBannerBuzzBanners.comLocal flag shops
Products4 sizes from 8-15ft, 1 Shape single & Double Sided, Pole Flags7 sizes from 5-15ft, 1 Shape single & double sided, Pole Flags4 sizes from 5.5-15.5ft, 10+ shapes and options, Single & double sided, Pole Flags11 Sizes from 6-17ft, 3 shapes single & Double Sided, Pole FlagsMostly sale American and States Flags. Lmited custom flags options
Size limitation5' x 8'3' x 5'50' x 100'4.5' x 8'3' x 5'
WarrantyNo WarrantyNo WarrantyNo WarrantyNo WarrantyNone to 3 months
DesignFree design helpFree design helpFree help over $500Design help after paymentFree design help
Pricing ($-$$$$)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
SpecialtyLive Online Design toolStock FlagsOnline design International ShippingInternational Shipping Template DesignCan pick up
NotePre-Designs with Live EditingFree shipping on order over $100India companySite difficultyN/A

There are a number of key differences that set Lush Banners apart from other custom flags manufacturers. The most important distinctions can be described below in the following manner:


Lush Banners offers products in all shapes. 5 sizes are available, including both single and double sided.

Meanwhile, Vistaprint offers only 4 sizes from 7.5 to 15.5 feet. They offer 3 shapes, either single or double sided. They offer no pole flags of any kind.

Display to Go offers 4 sizes ranging from 8 feet to 14 feet. They offer 3 shapes but single sided only. The only size they can offer pre-printed pole flags in is a measly 3 x 5 feet.

Vispronet offers 6 sizes from 4 to 17 feet. There are over a dozen flag shapes available, both single and double sided.

Signs.com offers 4 sizes from 8 to 18 feet. These include 4 shapes. They offer single and double sided pole flags.

Build a Sign offers 4 sizes from 8 to 15 feet. They only offer 1 shape for their single and double sided pole flags.

Featherflagnation offers 7 different sizes ranging from 5 to 15 feet. There is only 1 shape for their single or double sided pole flags.

Banner Buzz offers 4 sizes from 5.5 to 15.5 feet. There are roughly 10 shapes and options for their single and double sided pole flags.

Banners.com offers 11 Sizes from 6 to 17 feet. These include 3 shapes available for their single and double sided pole flags.

Meanwhile, most local flag shops only offer a limited selection of American national and state flags. There are very limited options for customized flags.

Size Limitation

There are no size limitations on any order you choose from Lush Banners. With most other sellers, limitations are always the general rule.

Display to Go has a 3x5 Pre-Printed limitation. Signs.com has a limit of 5.2ft x 8.3ft for every order. Build a Sign has a limit of 5ft x 8 feet. Feather flag nation has a limit of 3ft x 5ft.

BannerBuzz has a somewhat larger limit of 50ft x 100ft. Banners.com has a limit of 4.5ft x 8ft. Meanwhile, most flag shops have a limit of roughly 3 feet by 5 feet.


Lush Banners offers a warranty on all aspects of parts and printing. Most flag shops offer a limited warranty of 3 months or no warranty at all. None of Lush Banner's rivals in the industry offer any kind of warranty with the exception of Vispronet.

Vispronet offers a warranty that covers their prints. These includes a limited warranty of 1 year for indoor products and a limited warranty of 6 months for outdoor products. They also offer a hardware warranty of 6 months for indoor products and 1 year for outdoor products.

Lush Banners always offers free professional design for all of our products. Display to Go starts their design services at $45. Vistaprint also makes you pay in advance. BannerBuzz offers free design help with orders over $500. Banners.com offers design help only after payment is received.


Pricing is another issue where Lush Banners stands apart from the pack. We offer upfront pricing on all of our feather banners, personalized flags, large flag, and giant flags designs. Whether you are ordering a bow flag, teardrop flag, or any other of our personalized flags, you can always count on a competitive price option.


Lush Banners offers specialty orders of all types. Our main focus will be on providing our customers with specialty fulfillment and custom finishing of all kinds.

Meanwhile, Vistaprint offers international fulfillment along with live design. Their design services may cost you a pretty penny.

Display to Go offers only pre-printed designs with no international fulfillment. Vispronet offers an online design tool. Signs.com does have a pre-design template available for customers to make use of.

Build a Sign offers live online design. Featherflagnation offers only a limited selection of stock flags. BannerBuzz offers online design with standard international shipping. Banners.com offers template design with standard international shipping. Most local flag shops leave it to you to pick up your design when it is ready.

How About Large/Giant Flags? Special Requests?

Lush Banner offers a nearly endless selection of the very best custom flags. This includes everything from custom feather flags to all of your large flag and giant flags needs. Our large custom flags and outdoor flags are printed exactly to your specs and delivered straight to your home or office in record time.

There are many qualities that set us well apart from other custom flag makers. We have been in the business for over 10 years now. We have the experience to make your large custom flags, outdoor flags, double-side flags, pre-design flags pre-design feather flags, and other orders with precision and ease.

When it comes to issues of quality, we offer the very best custom flags on the market. Our special custom flag printing. custom 3x5 flag designs can't be matched.

Please note that when dealing with custom flags manufacturers, you should always demand full international fulfillment. We are one of the few custom flag makers who can supply this for you.

We should also mention that we are one of the top reviewed custom flag makers in the industry. We have received rave reviews from customers for our double-side flags, pre-design flags pre-design feather flags, and other products.

Fulfillment Services

Not many of our competitors go out of their way to offer top quality fulfillment services. This is yet another area in which we are well ahead of even our "closest" peers in the industry.

Annual Promotion Plan and Fulfillment

Are you looking for the very best way to score deep discounts on your orders? The best way to do so may be by means of an annual promotion plan. Ordering in bulk once a year will certainly get our attention and entitle you to some serious discounts.

Planning ahead brings other advantages in its wake. Doing so will allow you to hand us an order for everything that you need. We already have the means for fulfilling your order available. After we complete your order, we will ship all of the packages on a same day basis to any location that you specify.

We Ship to Multiple Locations

Not all of the components of your order may be going to the same place. This is never a problem for us. It doesn't matter how many different designs you have for one order. It also doesn't matter how many different locations this order may need to be shipped to. We will still give you a steep discount for the total quantity.

It does help to contact us in advance with any requests for complex orders or multiple location shipments. This way, we can work out the logistics in advance and also give you a custom quote on your total order.

International Fulfillment

Receiving your orders through international fulfillment is an easy process when you deal with Lush Banners. We offer international shipments on a cost effective basis. This includes shipments to all corners of the world.

Our average international shipping fees are less than the cost of flight luggage fees. We make sure to cover all customs and duties at the agency so there will be no delays. Get in touch with us today for a custom shipping quote.

Check Out Our Informative Blog

Lush Banners offers an extremely handy and informative official blog. This special feature has been set up to answer a wide variety of questions, comments, and concerns that we have received over the years. Feel free to browse through it to find an array of handy tips, how-to guides, and other articles that may pique your interest.

Lushbanners Official Blog

How to Hang A Flag On A Pole Complete Guide

Many Types of Custom Flags and How to Use Them?

5 Reasons You Should Choose Double-sided Flags Over Single-sided Flags

5 Things You Must Know About Custom Large Flags

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Feather Flags for Reopening Business and Attracting More Customers


How to Hang a Flag on a Pole?

Hanging a flag onto a standard flagpole is a quick and simple process. The free grommets on custom flags will allow you to attach flags to most flagpoles with clips or hooks. Just adjust the clips to match the locations of the grommets to ensure the flag is pulled flat on the reinforced strip. When displaying without a flagpole, you can use string, rope, or a zip tie to loop them through the grommets to secure it in place.

How to Keep Flag from Wrapping around Pole?

Simple put: you need a rotating pole design in place. Go with pole set with rotating design, or some accessories on the market can make the connection rotating, like Never Furl.

How to Keep Flag from Sliding Down Pole?

If halyard and rope are in place, make sure you tie the end of the rope securely on the halyard. If you’re using grommets and zip ties, you can use nails or tape to make sure the tie and grommets stay in place.

How to Hang a Flag on a Pole with Grommets?

Easy task! Grommets are made of metal or plastic rings to prevent ropes, cables or zip ties to damage your flags. Simply make a loop of the rope and pull the rope through the eyelets; Or using zip ties to secure the flag in place using grommets.

What Size Flag for 20 Foot Pole?

3ft x 5ft is the most common size for 20ft residential poles. 3ft x 6ft; 4ft x 6ft are good choices as well depending on your artwork design.

Where to Buy Flag Pole?

Lush Banners provides residential, commercial, wall-mount, free-standing and flag poles. Also you can check local or online hardware stores. For special flags poles like extra heavy duty, super-sizes, consulting your construction partners is a good start as they commonly need professional construction and installation.

How to Customize a Flag?

We have a wide variety of customizing options for our pole banner flags, rectangular flags, non rectangular flags, swooper flag, flutter flags, and feather signs. Ordering pole banner flags and rectangular flags in the custom style of your choice is easier than ever.

Lush Banners is pleased to offer a wide variety of finishing options. These include free grommets, reinforced strips, sleeve pockets, D-rings, and ropes. You can refer to our Options section for more info. Please contact with any special requests that you may have in this area.

What Are the Most Common Sizes for Customized Flags?

Our most common sizes are 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 5ft, 5ft x 8ft, and 10ft x 15ft. However, we can make your flags any size you need them to be. Whatever size you need, for whatever reason, we have everything required to make the banner you need.

Is the Reinforced Strip Always White?

White is the standard color for our strips. However, we do offer black colored strips to match your darker colored customized flags.

Are the Stitches Always White?

No. Our production team will do its best when matching the background color to the stitches. A neutral color stitch will be chosen if your background has mixed colors.

Will the Background Images Be Printed All the Way to the Edges?

Yes. We will always print all the way to the edges. Please beware of the safe line on the design template. Any images outside the safe line might be subject to stitches or trimming. Placing your logo and important contents inside the safe line is a good starting point.

Where Can I Get a Customized Flag Made Near Me?

Lush Banners is here to be your one stop shop for fully customized flags. All of our custom flags are made from the highest quality 4 oz. polyester material. We specialize in oversized large custom flags and double-sided custom flags.

Each flag can be displayed in the manner you see fit. This may include flying them on flagpoles, hanging them by wires, or even displaying them on walls or fences. Bring us your great design and let our custom printed outdoor flags do the advertising work for you!

Where Can I Have a Customized Flag Made?

Lush Banners is the best place to have your flag or banner manufactured to your exact specifications. Get in touch with us today at our official site on the web. We will be glad to give you prompt and precise answers to all of your questions, concerns, and comments. Let us know what we can do for you.

Orders and Payment

How Do I Order from Lush Banners?

Choose the product you are looking for by browsing through our various categories. When you find the product you like, choose the options you need and then click the ADD TO CART button.

Go to checkout, purchase the product, and give us design instructions or upload your artwork file. We will then send you the proof for approval before we start printing.

How Do I Order a Replacement Graphic or Banner?

Go to the specific product page (such as the 13.5ft Feather Banner page). Choose "Graphic Only" or "Banner Only" option. Add it to your cart.

What Are Your Prices?

The cost of the item depends on the product, quantity, and options. The easiest way to find the price is to go to the page of the product you are interested in (such as the 13.5ft Feather Banner page).

Enter the product options such as quantity, printing and hardware options, and turnaround time. The price will update automatically at the top of the page.

If you have any special requests, need a quote for large quantity orders, or need a quote for multiple shipping addresses, please submit a quote request online.

Can I Pay After I Receive My Order?

100% payment will be needed before we start production.

How is Production Time Calculated?

The production time starts when we receive both your proof approval and payment.

How Long Does it Take to Receive My Order?

It depends on the product you ordered. Check the particular product page within the product options section that says “Printing Turnaround.”

Most of our products have rush order printing available. A select few of our products have last minute printing options.

Ground Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. Printing and shipping turnaround time does not start until we receive your order, payment, and artwork approval.

Will I Receive an Artwork Proof?

Select the "Free Digital Proof" option on the product page. We will always send you a digital proof of your final artwork approval before printing.

Can I See My Design Proof Before I Make the Payment?

Yes. Contact us to discuss your design ideas. This way, we can a authorize pay later option for you. A payment link will be sent after the design and proof process is concluded.