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Custom Feather Flags for your business

Custom feather flags and banners give you an edge over your competitors. They help your brand or business stand out from the crowd and entice more customers into your store.

Each flag is intricately designed to match your brand aesthetics and capture the attention of your customers. Best of all? A custom feather flag is a long-term advertising strategy that doesn't drain your marketing budget.

If you need a long-term advertising method that doesn't charge you exuberant fees every time someone looks at your ads or buys one of your products, a custom feather flag is the perfect choice for your business.

What are Custom Feather Flags?

A Custom Feather Flag is a lightweight marketing and advertising tool that captures the attention and imagination of your potential customers.

Most of the feather flags that you see when driving through your town or city, or walking through a trade expo are pre-made and have limited design options. A custom feather flag allows you to tailor your message to best reach your target market. They help to show your potential customers that you have an edge over your competitors and you are willing to go the extra mile with a custom design!

Unique feather flags are perfect for attracting new customers through your doors, improving your brand awareness, and skyrocketing brand recognition.

Businesses, event planners, real estate agents, and many others utilize custom feather flags as advertisements to promote their products, brands, or upcoming events.

Do you need custom feather flags that are affordable, high-quality, and easy to set up? We offer a range of sizes and styles at lush banners. Dazzle and impress your customers with a unique feather flag or banner. Get started by designing your own custom feather flag now!

Feather Flag Sizes

Buy your Custom Feather Banners from Lush Banners®

Custom Printed Teardrop Flags

If you want to design your own custom feather flag or banner, you have come to the right place. Lush Banners have been the leading producer of custom feather flags in the USA for over a decade.

We strive to help businesses create beautiful, on-budget advertisements that enhance brand image and capture the attention of their customers.

The possibilities are limitless when you order a custom feather flag from Lush Banners. We use the finest materials available to meticulously craft each design. Every one of our custom feather flags is designed to the highest quality with your budget in mind.

Our customized feather flags are made from a 4 oz. polyester material that is incredibly durable and weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Thanks to the durability, waterproof, and weather-resistant nature of our custom feather flags and banners, we are happy to provide a limited lifetime guarantee with every item you buy.

Custom Feather Banner Sizes available at Lush Banners

We offer a range of sizes depending on your needs and budget. Each of these custom feather flags comes in a single-sided or double-sided design. The custom feather flag sizes that we create are listed below:

Custom 6.5ft Feather Flag Banners

Custom 8ft Feather Banners

Custom Canopy Tents

6.5ft Custom Feather Flag

Ideal for indoor use. They are easy to transport, assemble, and dissemble so they are a great option for food trucks, expos, and festivals.

8ft Custom Feather Flag

Our medium-sized Custom Feather Banner stands at 8ft overall after assembly. A popular choice for businesses that need to display their advertising inside.

10ft Custom Feather Flag

A multi-use, medium to large size Custom Feather Flag. These custom flags are 10ft in overall height once assembled. Recommended for Indoor and outdoor use.

Custom 13.5ft Feather Flag Banners

Custom 17ft Feather Banners

13.5ft Custom Feather Flag

Our most popular choice for a storefront display. At 13.5ft overall height after assembly, these flags are sure to grab the attention of onlookers and passersby.

17ft Custom Feather Flag

The 17ft Feather Flag is an impressive display for highways and sports fields. These grand advertisements are impossible to miss and set you apart from your competitors.

Where to display your Custom Feather Flags and Banners

Separate yourself from competing businesses and capture the attention of customers in a large crowd out with our grand 17.5-foot custom feather flag. Or, improve your booth’s visibility at an indoor shopping mall with our 6.5-foot and 8-foot customizable feather flags.

With such a wide range of sizes and design options, our cheap custom feather flags can be used on all occasions.

Below we have listed the best places to display your custom feather flags and banners for maximum reach.

Feather Banners Displayed Outside a Business

1. Outside Your Business

Ensure that foot traffic and car traffic alike can see your brand messages, discounts, and latest promotions with a custom feather flag for outside of your business.

These unique banners are perfect for outdoor use due to their versatility, durability, and weather resistance. Your custom feather flag or banner can be used outside all year round, with the exception of extreme weather.

The pole sets for our custom feather flags are constructed from a combination of lightweight aluminum and fiberglass poles, so they will not break in strong winds.

A ground spike, cross base, water base or heavy-duty flat base will keep your custom feather flag in place in almost all weather conditions.

Feather Banners Displayed Indoors

2. Inside Your Shop or Restaurant

If you operate inside a mall or shopping complex, a custom feather flag is a perfect way to draw the attention of passersby.

You can advertise your products or services, display brand messages, or inform customers of your latest promotions with these designs.

Businesses can utilize feather flags to display murals and artwork inside their shop to improve their image and decor. Restaurants can display their best dishes and emphasize their menus with a custom feather flag.

For indoor use, a cross base, water base or heavy-duty flat base will keep your flag secure.

Feather Banners Displayed at a Trade Show

3. Trade Fairs, Events, Sports Games, Expos, Etc.

It can be hard to stand out at an outdoor event with thousands of attendees and hundreds of different vendors. But with a custom-designed feather flag or banner, you can ensure you dazzle entire crowds! Everyone in attendance will feel your presence with one of our impressive 13.5-foot or 17-foot custom feather flags!

For indoor use, a cross base, water base or heavy-duty flat base will keep your flag secure.

What can you Customize with our Feather Flags and Banners?

Nearly every design element on our custom feather flags can be altered to your preferences, elevating the plain to the exquisite. The features that you can customize include:

Custom Printed Teardrop Flags

Custom Printed Teardrop Flags

Custom Printed Teardrop Flags

Flag Shape:



Feather-shaped flags are one of our top-selling products, but you can also select from rectangular, teardrop and bowhead shapes.

Lush Banners creates custom feather flags in a range of sizes for different needs. Our size options include 6.5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13.5ft, and 17ft.

The colors we use to design your custom feather flags are bright, vibrant, and expertly hued, but never oversaturated. Eye-catching colors and designs on your banners helps boost your business image. Consistent colors and logos help customers recognize your personalized banners.

Learn how to design your Feather Flags in minitues with this easy to follow video tutorial.

Benefits of using Custom Feather Flags for your Business

1. Brand Awareness & Brand Recognition

A custom feather flag or banner is one of the first things that catch people's attention when they walk down the street, enter your store, or visit your trade fair exhibit. Creating personalized banners with properly positioned displays will maximize awareness.

Feather flags hung or positioned in distinctive vantage points help establish brand recall, and help your brand stay top of mind.

Brand recall increases lead conversion. Targeted prospects notice your custom feather flags and associate your name with your industry's products and services.

Custom feather flags give your brand the edge over competitors at trade exhibitions and other public events. They help to boost your business's professionalism and beauty. Lush Banners feather flags stand out for their cohesiveness, visibility, and design.

2. On Brand Aesthetics & Advertising

Lush Banners uses fade-resistant, full-color inks for custom feather flags. Depending on your substrate and personal preference, choose eco-solvent, solvent, or UV ink. Each choice provides high-resolution, customizable designs.

Color perception varies by person and technology, so the design process must include coloration. Lush Banners color-matches all custom banners to match your specifications and brand imagery.

With this technology, our clients can feel confident that their personalized feather flags banners will complement their pre-existing color schemes.

3. Multi-Use & Versatility

Custom feather flags can be used in public and private spaces. They are perfect for eye-catching, stimulating displays. Lush Banners prints custom feather flags and banners for:

Sports Feather Flags

Salon Feather Flags

Grand Opening Feather Flags

Sports Events

Hair Salons

Grand Openings

Religious Feather Flags

Holiday Feather Flags

Now Hiring Feather Flags

Religious Events

Holiday Decorations

Now Hiring Flags

4. Long-Lasting Advertising Method

Local pay-per-click advertising drains your marketing budget. Local radio, television, and multimedia ads are expensive to run long term.

Custom feather flags are a long-lasting way to display key business messages and make big announcements. These flags can be used time and time again for a greater marketing impact with a fixed cost.

When displayed and cared for properly, custom feather flags and banners can last for years. If handled properly, outdoor feather flags won't fade, stain, or get damaged.

Lush Banners ensure durability with design specifications such as:

Single-Sided Right facing Feather banner

Single-Sided Left facing Feather banner

Double-sided feather banners

Single-Sided Right Facing

Single-Sided Left Facing


Graphic Only option for Feather Banners

Feather Banner Replacement Poles

Specialty Feather Banner Bases

Graphic Only

Replacement Poles

Specialty Bases

How to Assemble, Care for, and Store your Custom Feather Flags

Custom Feather Flag Assembly

A custom feather flag kit from Lush Banners comes with a custom-designed flag, a pole kit, and a FREE ground spike.

Install by hammering or twisting the ground spike into the ground. Connect the separate pole pieces to produce one large pole. The length of the pole will vary depending on the size of feather flag you purchased.

Slide the flag onto the thinnest part of the pole at the top until it is pulled tight. Then, insert the flagpole and custom feather flag into the ground spike, and Voila! You now have an eye-catching advertisement ready for display.

Caring for your Feather Banners

Our advertising flag kits are durable and suitable for outdoor usage, however we recommend bringing them inside during high winds or bad weather. Feather flags and banners will fade faster if left outside. Before storing your feather flag kit, be sure they are clean and dry to prevent deterioration. More on that below.

Washing & Cleaning your Custom Feather Flags

Never, under any circumstances, wash a custom feather flag or banner in the washing machine or place it in the dryer. This is a surefire method to damage it permanently. The material is not made to go through a washing machine or dryer.

We strongly recommend spot cleaning your flags. To dry your custom feather flag, simply place your flag back on the pole and leave it out to dry.

For more information on caring for your custom feather flags and banners, click here.

Order your Custom Feather Flag today!

With Lush Banners, you can expect the best custom-designed feather flags at extremely affordable prices. If you need to let people know about your store's grand opening, product discount, or holiday deals, design yourself a custom feather flag today!

With Lush Banner's custom feather flags, your design options are limitless. All designs are made with high-quality materials and care. And, every one of our feather flags is built to last for years.

What you can expect when you order Custom Feather Banners from Lush Banners:

  • Quick production and delivery for every design

  • Completely customizable feather flag displays to suit your businesses needs

  • A choice between 6.5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13.5ft, and 17ft custom feather flags

  • Vibrant, high definition flags printed with UV Resistant Inks

  • Single and Double-sided Custom Feather Flags

  • The best product guarantee on the market

  • Fast shipping throughout the USA

  • A FREE rotating spike base & a FREE nylon bag to transport your flag

Contact Lush Banners Today!

We are so confident in our custom feather flags that we offer a full guarantee on every flag you design. So what are you waiting for? Take your in-person marketing to the next level and start designing your custom feather flag now! Contact us for more information today!