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Lush Banners has been work with many companies and organizations on promotional displays for over a decade. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to various Industries. Browse through the most popular and successful products in your industry, with our case studies that help you decide the best solutions for you.

  • National Chain Stores

    National Chain Stores

    Have you ever walked into a big chain store, and walked out with more than you anticipate? Designing your store and creating tempting displays is key to generating additional revenue.
  • Restaurant & Grocers

    Restaurant & Grocers

    Signage and displays give customers a better shopping and dining experience. Highlighting special offers, menus and section signage is helpful in creating a friendly and informative restaurant and grocery with the best customer engagement.
  • Schools and Colleges

    Schools and Colleges

    Branding displays help create a memorable campus experience. Choosing which college or university to enroll in is a critical decision for students and their families. One major goal of any school marketing team is to ensure those students and families have all the key information.
  • Churches


    Churches big and small have all trusted Lush Banners with their display products. Key products that have been utilized within the industry are the Pole Banners, Feather Banners, Retractable Banners, and Table Covers. Whatever your branding goal is, we are here to help you achieve maximum visibility.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    As the market leader of flag banners, we are proud to offer you high quality flags and banners that hold up in the weather and maintain their durability. Offer from small to gigantic, 7 distinguished shapes with vivid designs and vibrant colors.
  • Military & Government

    Military & Government

    Military and Government marketing display products are perfect for community centers, city halls, police departments, military bases, public events and more. Display products are vital to improving city life providing information on public transportation, services for citizens or tourists showcasing city pride.
  • Automobile & Dealers

    Automobile & Dealers

    Did you know that 95% of car sales are made at the dealership? It is clear to most automotive marketers that display marketing is key to bringing in new leads. In the auto industry, signage is imperative in order to attract new potential buyers.
  • Museums


    Museum directors and marketers focus their engagement efforts so they can increase awareness, visits and ultimately profit. Strong marketing and updating visual branding every couple of years help drive engagement for public programs and increase revenue at private institutions.