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Custom Video Backdrops

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Fully customizable professional backdrop for any online meeting! Using virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Meta, Skype or Teams meetings will set you apart from other users and add a professional feel to your video. These are great for creating a professional atmosphere for your video conferences no matter where you are.

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  • Resolutions Supported: 1080p HD / 1440p QHD / 4K UHD
  • Formats: JPEG / PNG / Source File PDF
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    Custom Digital Backdrops

    Custom Backdrops for Virtual Meetings

    With business meetings transitioning to virtual more and more every day, you’ll want to look professional when attending.  No matter your profession, Lush Banners can create a video background for your application whether that is a companywide logo based background or a specialized backdrop in-line with your personal branding we can create it. 

    These digital backgrounds can be used for more than just conference calls as the design is up to you. So if you are a student, teacher, or digital creator with an idea, our designers will work with you on getting the right image created. Our professional designers are here to help you make it the way you want it. Having an eye-catching background is vital to grabbing the viewer’s attention and expressing your personality or brand beyond what a basic background would do. 

    Backdrop Aspect Ratio & Resolutions Guidelines

    Aspect Ratios are the ratio of the width to the height of an image or screen. Depending on your setup and video device, it is best to select the appropriate Aspect Ratio to maximize the potential of your custom backdrop design. We will design the according to your desired aspect ratio at any resolution you need.

    Popular Aspect Ratio Selections:

    • 16:9 - The most widely used ratio, it is the standard for Full HD (1080p) to UHD 4K resolutions. Most computer monitors, laptops and TV's use this aspect ratio.
    • 16:10 - A popular ratio used for many productivity-oriented displays, most workstation set-ups use 16:10 for the increased vertical real estate great for most workflows
    • 4:3 - Portable devices such as iPad/tablets and smart phones will have video conferecing apps capturing as 4:3. It is perfect for framing people as it fills out a person's face more efficiently with less empty space.
    • 3:2 - This ratio is gaining popularity as Digital Cameras will have this as the default setting, if you plan on using Digital Cameras as your capture device, having your backdrop designed in this ratio is a good fit.


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