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Awareness Feather Flag with Progress Design

SKU: PDAW08 | Specs | Templates | Assembly | Product Q&A
Awareness Feather Flag with Progress Design. This Kit includes the flag (single-sided), 10ft poles, free premium rotating spike base & nylon carrying bag

Key Information

  • 10ft Kit Banner Size: 105.5h x 24.5w inches
  • 15ft or 13.5ft Kit Banner Size: 133h x 32.5w inches
  • Base: Free Premium Rotating Chrome Steel Spike Base
  • Fabric: Premium Outdoor Polyester
  • Inks: Water & UV proof inks
  • Optional Upgrades: 10ft or 13.5ft Premium Full Fiberglass Poles
  • Packaging Size: 38 x 5 x 5 Inches
  • Poles: Fiberglass & Aluminum Hybrid
  • Printing: Full Color High Resolution
  • Warranty-Banner: 6 months
  • Warranty-Hardware: 6 months
  • Weight: 7 Ibs
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    Awareness Feather Flag with Progress Flag Design

    Progress/Pride Design Feather Flag Kit

    Awareness Feather Flag with Progress Design. The best quality ready-to-use Progress Pride Feather Flag. Kit includes the flag (single-sided), 10ft poles, a Free premium rotating spike base & a nylon bag.

    Package Includes:
    - Fiberglass & Aluminum poles 
    - Single-sided fabric flag 
    - Full color, high-resolution digital printing
    - Free premium rotating spike base
    - Free nylon bag 

    Product Features:
    - 6 months warranty included, both the poles and fabric flag
    - Heavy duty steel base with premium ball bearing 
    - Full color, high-resolution digital printing, waterproof and UV safe
    - Premium polyester fabric, wrinkle-free


    1. How much does an Awareness Flag Kit with the Progress Design cost?
    Starting at $139, an awareness predesign flag kit has your design choice of the single sided fabric flag, 10ft pole, rotating spike base and free nylon bag. 15ft pole, cross bases and double sided options available with an upgrade cost of $29 - $69.

    2. How long will Awareness Predesigned Feather Flags last?
    A free 6 month warranty is included in every purchase. Our banner poles normally last anywhere between 1 - 5 years, while flags could last from 0.5 - 2 years, depending on how well you take care of them, the UV exposure and local climate. We recommend refreshing your design and fabric banners when you need the flags to look fresh again.
    When used on hard surfaces, sandbags or other types of weight can be hiddenly placed in between the front and back side to keep them in place.

    3. Will my Progress design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?
    For orders with regular production times, we utilize edge-to-edge printing to achieve a bold, “wide-screen” effect. Please note that because rush orders are produced in a different facility, the design will not continue onto the pole pockets (or “sleeve”). Instead, they will be produced with black or white canvas.

    Show your pride with our pre-designed Progress Flag Feather Flag Kit! Vibrant design, easy setup, and perfect for any event. This Kit includes the flag (single-sided), 10ft poles, free premium rotating spike base & nylon carrying bag. Here are some highlights on the best uses:

    • Pride Parades and Festivals: Feather flags can be prominently displayed along parade routes or at festival entrances, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

    • Business Promotion: Many businesses show their support for LGBTQ+ causes during Pride Month or year-round. Feather flags with the Progress Flag can be used outside their establishments to attract LGBTQ+ customers and allies.

    • Community Events: These flags can be set up at community centers, libraries, or other public spaces during LGBTQ+ events, meetings, or discussions.

    • Fundraising and Charity Events: Use feather flags to mark charity runs, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns, promoting inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

    • Schools and Educational Institutions: Feather flags can be placed on campuses during LGBTQ+ awareness weeks, conferences, and other related events to create a safe and welcoming environment for students and staff.

    • Weddings and Celebrations: Couples may choose to incorporate Progress Flag feather flags into their wedding decor, expressing their support for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion.

    • Political Rallies and Protests: During LGBTQ+ advocacy events and protests, these flags can be raised high to represent the cause and make a statement.

    • Public Spaces: Feather flags can be set up in parks, plazas, and other public areas to mark LGBTQ+ history months, awareness days, or simply to spread a message of acceptance.

    • Nonprofit Organizations: LGBTQ+ organizations can use feather flags to promote their mission, attract volunteers, and rally supporters.

    • Residential Displays: Individuals who want to express their support for LGBTQ+ rights can place these flags in their yards or on their balconies, making a visible statement of inclusivity.

    Feather flags featuring the Progress Flag serve as a powerful symbol of support, inclusivity, and progress in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. They can be used in various settings to foster a sense of community and show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ cause.

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